Silver Key

Silver Key:secure to communicate

Silver Key is encryption software designed for sending confidential data over the Internet.

Ideal for Secure Data Transfer

Silver Key encrypts sensitive data and creates encrypted parcel that can be safely sent over the Internet. Silver Key parcels can be self-extracting so the correspondent does not need to install any software to decrypt the data.

Easy to Use

Right-click a file or a folder and select ‘Create Parcel’. Silver Key will produce an encrypted file, which you can upload to an Internet server, send over your local network, or just attach to an email. Or better yet, select ‘Create Parcel and Upload’ and your encrypted file will be uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Onebox.

Full Support for Web Drives

Silver Key provides support for several popular Web-based drives - Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox. Using WebSilver component, you can exchange sensitive files with simple drag-and-drop - Silver Key will transparently encrypt and upload your data. Double-click the encrypted parcel and Silver Key will download and decrypt it back.


If you need to protect your data according to HIPAA privacy regulations, Silver Key provides effortless incorporation of HIPAA-compliant encryption into your existing data infrastructure.

Strong Encryption

Silver Key uses highly reputable Advanced Encryption Standard to protect user data, with its 256-bit encryption key far exceeding the HIPAA requirements.

To strengthen security even further, Silver Key supports FIPS 140-2 compliant mode using FIPS-validated CryptoAPI encryption engine.

Better Passwords

Mistyped encryption passwords have likely killed more data than computer viruses. Silver Key uses a state-of-art password window that simplifies the process of password entering, and makes typing errors less likely to happen.

Feature Rich

If you want more than just encrypt a file, the Silver Key Parcel Designer is your tool. Use it to access the full power of Silver Key and create advanced parcels. You can add encrypted and unencrypted comments, create shortcuts on the target computer, and even include an uninstaller.

Automated Processing

The fully functional command-line interface lets you use Silver Key as a part of automated data processing system. Silver Key does not require a user desktop and can be used in unattended mode.




Edition Comparison

Feature Silver Key
Free Edition
Silver Key
Standard Edition
Silver Key
Enterprise Edition
Easy single-click encryption
Unlimited number of files and folders in single operation
Unlimited file size
Strong encryption using industry-standard 256-bit AES cipher
Effective ZIP data compression
Integration with Windows Explorer's right-click menu
Includes a portable version to be run from a USB drive
Integrated file shredder with manual shred option
Graphical interface to the shredder  
Includes best classic and contemporary ciphers  
Integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive  
Advanced password dialog with a password strength meter  
Virtual keyboards for a large set of languages  
USB as Key (binary media-based keys)  
Support for hardware Yubikeys  
Parcel Designer for creating advanced or non-file parcels  
Can create parcels, hidden in other innocent looking files  
Multi-pass shredding for reliable file deletion  
Size obfuscation to hide real size of small parcels  
Command-line interface for automated encryption tasks    
Native 64-bit processing    
Utilizes multi-core processors to speed up encryption    
Parcel Repacker can convert a parcel of any type (executable, standard, hidden) to any other type    
FIPS 140-2 compliance mode    
Additional set of uncompressed decryption stubs    
Can digitally sign executable parcels    
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