Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC

Essential Studio forASP.NET MVC

The most comprehensive suite of ASP.NET MVC components for enterprise web development. It includes several complex widgets like DataGrid, Chart, Gantt, Diagram, Spreadsheet, Schedule, Pivot Grid and much more. 

All the components that you need in a single package

With over 70 components, the toolkit contains all the components that are typically required for building line-of-business applications.

Four major releases per year

We are always enhancing existing components with new functionality and adding new components with every major release. We also publish monthly service packs which includes bug fixes.

Fast and lightweight

The mark up required to render the components has been optimized to ensure quick loading of the user interface.

Touch friendly

All components have been optimized to seamlessly work with touch, mouse, or keyboard input.

AngularJS and more

There is built-in integration with all the popular third-party frameworks like AngularJS, KnockoutJS, jQuery, TypeScript, and Bootstrap.

Mobile friendly rendering

Easily develop applications that work well on desktop, tablet and phone devices. The controls render adaptively based on the device that it is currently rendering on to provide an optimal usage experience.

Stunning built-in themes

All components ship with several stunning built-in themes. However, if you need to customize the appearance then you can easily do so using the Theme Studio utility.

All modern browsers are supported

Compliant will all popular browsers including IE8+, Microsoft Edge, Chrome 17+, Firefox 22+, Safari 5+ and Opera 12+.

Localization simplified

All components can be easily customized to use resources from the desired locale.

Get started quickly

We include all the self-help resources required to easily integrate our components within your applications like documentation, knowledge base articles, tutorial samples and real word samples.


What’s New in 2016 Volume 3 release

Syncfusion started producing components for ASP.NET MVC when the platform was first introduced, and has since developed an extensive, mature offering that now includes a tree view control supporting multiple selections, a tooltip to convey messages to users, and support for new Excel charts.

Multiple Selections in a Tree View

Select, drag, and drop multiple nodes in the tree view control.

New Tooltip Control

Display pop-up hints with a customizable tooltip when hovering, clicking, or focusing on an element.

Excel 2016 Chart Support

Create and manipulate modern chart types found in Excel 2016.


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