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“Just when you think perfection can’t be improved, or ‘Mind Mapping’ can be made any easier, the team at iMindMap have taken it to a whole new, revolutionary level that will blow your mind.”

Noel Hawkes, Account Manager, Zeelandia

“Whoever came up with it is a genius. You can quickly add ideas that pop in your head and they’re organised, so you can focus on what’s important and get things done more effectively.”

Arantha Delkada, Entrepreneur

Capture ideas

Work without distraction and capture ideas at lightning speed in Fast Capture View.

Develop Ideas

Switch to Mind Map View to build on ideas and start developing them into plans. Depending on your preference, choose whether you want a Buzan-style or Professional-style map.

Collect info in a single hub

Add notes, links, files and comments to capture lots of information on one, easy-to-navigate canvas

Effortlessly play with your ideas

Format your creations quickly and work in sync between views with the Side Panel. It’s equipped with tools to make locating, organising and editing your ideas a breeze.

Turn ideas into reality

Assemble your ideas along a visually rich and interactive timeline and transform them into actionable tasks with the Time Map View.

Manage tasks to completion

Plan with precision and never miss a deadline thanks to iMindMap’s integration with visual task management app DropTask.

Present ideas with a difference

Create unique presentations and convey your ideas in a powerful and memorable way. Deliver from iMindMap, Powerpoint or upload to YouTube.

Share your creations

iMindMap is integrated with some of the most used tools available so you can save, access and share your iMindMap files in more places.

Your iMindMap toolkit for a flexible user experience

iMindMap is packed full of powerful features to inspire creative thinking and get you where you need to be quicker. In any of iMindMap’s five views, you can style your creations with flexible design options, add additional information in the form of attachments, export Mind Maps to other formats and much more…

Choose between 3 editions – Available for both Mac and Windows




Home & Student

The basic Mind Mapping feature set:

  • Basic Mind Map editor
  • Brainstorm View
  • Software Importers
  • Icon & Image libraries
  • Add files, links and notes
  • Side Panel
  • Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox & Evernote
  • 30 days of iMindMap Cloud & Mobile

Install on 1 computer per user


Everything in Home & Student, PLUS:

  • Time Map View
  • Fast Capture View
  • 3D View
  • Presentation builder
  • Flowcharts
  • Integration with DropTask, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and iWork
  • Tags & Icon Manager
  • 12 months of iMindMap Cloud & Mobile
  • 12 months of DropTask for Business

Install on 2 computers per user

Ultimate Plus+

Everything in Ultimate, PLUS:

  • ‘Tony Buzan’s Master Class’ (DVD)
  • ‘Ageproof your Brain with Tony Buzan’ (DVD)
  • ‘The Mind Map Book’ by Tony Buzan (Book)
  • ‘The Memory Book’ by Tony Buzan (Book)
  • ‘The Speed Reading Book’ by Tony Buzan (Book)

Install iMindMap Ultimate on 2 computers per user

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