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Arcserve UDP

Unparalleled data protection to ensure that the business is always online


Backup + disaster recovery + high availability - just one platform.


We call it Acserve Unified Data Protection.

The customer is called the straw.

Stop the risk of downtime

Arcserve offers a wide range of unified, easy-to-use, enterprise-class features that make it easy and lightweight.


Award-winning backup and recovery software


Integrated data protection equipment

Then, consolidate your business continuity and disaster recovery solutions with the following features:

Clouds DRaaS

High availability

Whether virtual or physical.

Whether it is live, remote or cloud.

Arcserve is always ready to provide you with full protection - anyway. The

Easily protect your data with award-winning Arcserve UDP

Arcserve UDP data protection features

This is an extremely simple "virtual + physical" backup and recovery software.



Arcserve UDP is a powerful tool for you to achieve:

Design and manage a comprehensive data protection strategy through a unified management console

Easily migrate data from virtual machines and standalone servers to the cloud, disk, and tape

Optimize backup storage requirements, saving up to 97%

Easily expand data backup coverage with enterprise development - from 1TB to 700TB

In addition, this is a full range of solutions that offer a variety of enterprise-class features, including:

Backup and restore

WAN optimized replication

Global source deduplication

AES-256 encryption

Enterprise storage array snapshot integration

Instant virtual machine recovery

Local and remote virtual standby

Immediate Bare Metal Reduction (BMR)

Advanced tape function options

Across the cloud, virtual and physical environments of continuous availability options

Easily deploy UDP devices to meet everything

You need a comprehensive, easy-to-use data protection device that we have successfully done.

Our UDP device comes preloaded with the latest and award-winning Arcserve UDP Premium software.


And, plug and play function:

Consistent backup and granularity restore with the application

True global source deduplication

Cloud storage gateway

Disaster recovery

Industry-leading data protection hardware

In addition, it takes only 15 minutes from the unboxing to complete the deployment.

This is a new equipment, a point of investment, very reward.



Comprehensive data protection illustration

Use Arcserve Cloud to speed up disaster recovery processes

Cloud failover graphic

Far more than similar cloud backup solution, Arcserve cloud provides a variety of advanced features to ensure data recovery and business continuity, such as:

Cloud disaster recovery and disaster recovery testing

Cloud virtual standby, can be used for failover and recovery

Long-term off-site data archiving to ensure product compliance

In addition, we use proven Arcserve UDP and its own unique recovery point server (RPS) replication technology to provide end-to-end encryption protection for your cloud data, including:

Secure SSL connection

256-bit AES encrypted storage

SSAE16 certified secure data center

In addition, the Arcserve UDP console provides one-stop centralized management, user-friendly, and easy to deploy.


With Arcserve High Availability, ensure that the system is up and running

Accidental disruption can cause fatal injuries to the business. Therefore, the use of Arcserve High Availability high availability software, can effectively reduce or even eliminate the risk of downtime.


Its powerful feature set can be achieved:

One-click automatic failover and failover

Automate business continuity and disaster recovery plan testing

Real-time LAN and WAN data replication for on-site, offsite and cloud data protection

Data is retreated to ensure continuous data protection

System migration

Your business continuity will eventually be absolutely guaranteed, so you sit back and relax.



High availability icon

Optimize d2d2t with Arcserve Advanced Tape Features

Tape backup graphic

Arcserve tape backup software will help you achieve more efficient disk-to-disk-to-tape (d2d2t) policies.


In other words, you can use the Arcserve UDP console one-stop data transfer scheduling, monitoring and management, in order to achieve:

Manage more data across multiple locations

Effectively reducing long-term data storage and archiving storage costs

Copy the data offsite to the cloud for disaster recovery and data archiving

Real-time system monitoring, proactive prevention of downtime and data loss that could cause serious consequences

When an unexpected shutdown occurs, ensure faster, finer data recovery

We are engaged in tape backup business for more than 20 years, the industry no one can compare with us.


Please note - Arcserve UDP is running.

Have you encountered a virtual backup problem?

See how to back up virtual machines and get them instantly.

Is there a problem with Exchange?

Watch Exchange e-mail and mailboxes for quick recovery.

File and folder lost headache?

See how we can help you get back.

Active Directory object bizarre missing?

See how easy it is to restore.



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