Faronics Power Save

Power Your Way To Saving

Save power without disrupting user activity. Accelerate return on investment through energy savings.

Intelligent, non-disruptive power savings and energy management.
Reduce operational costs through energy savings.
Maximize your green IT savings
Save energy, money, and the environment.

Faronics Power Save eliminates computer energy waste by up to 50% without affecting productivity.

Save power without disrupting end-user activity. Save money and increase return on IT investments. Simulate power savings for IT decision-making.

Intelligent Power Savings
Intelligent, non-disruptive computer energy management analyzes multiple system parameters before going into power saving mode.
Does not affect end-user activity and allow users to temporarily override power actions.
Easy to Implement
Easy implementation using Audit Mode to simulate power management and calculate estimated savings.
Operational Savings and ROI
Reduce energy costs, save money, and increase return on investments in IT assets.
Detailed Reports
Detailed energy use and savings reports based on local costs demonstrate rapid ROI.
Maximum Flexibility
Define the exceptions for saving power. Limit how long a user is allowed to override power savings or empower the user with full control to disable power savings.
Audit Mode
Determine the potential energy savings before enabling Power Save. Generate the forcasted energy savings report in your local currency for decision-making.
Central Management
Install, configure, deploy, and manage Power Save from an on-premise or a single web-based console.

We help you Manage All types of Devices

Classroom & Labs Computers
Keep computers up and running during learning sessions and power them down when they are inactive.
Small & Large Business Environments
Save costs of IT assets by saving power over time and increasing return on investments.
Point of Sale Computers
Ensure point of sale computers are up and running while serving customers, but save power while they are idle and reduce the cost of retail operations.
On-Field Computers
Non-disruptive power savings for computers in the field results in reducing cost of field operations.
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