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Quiz Builder



What is Quiz Builder ?

Tanida Quiz Builder enables you to create educational quizzes in Flash format that can be published on a website or distributed as standalone EXE file or Word document. It includes a variety of answer schemes, including True or False, Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop Matching, Fill-in-the-blank, Click Map and others.

Tanida Quiz Builder provides an easy-to-use interface to design the quiz and does not require any Flash or programming knowledge. You can fully customize the quiz appearance and layout including buttons, sound effects, labels and all other aspects. Quiz Builder let`s you change question types on the fly, assign points, randomly shuffle the answers, add pictures, limit the number of tries to get the answer right, and customize feedback.

How it Works

Simply type up some questions, design your quiz's layout, and then export it to any file format that you want.


Create your quizzes with Quiz Builder by typing up to eight different kinds of questions - Each with its own point system, accompanying graphics, and feedback.


Customize the way your quizzes look and perform. With Quiz Builder, your quizzes truly become your very own - tailored to work the way you need them to.


Specify how your quizzes will report their results and determine what happens when a test-taker completes your quizzes. When ready, export them in easy-to-use Flash (SWF), standalone(EXE), or Word (DOC) formats.!

Get Results Report Effortlessly

In the new version of Quiz Builder, your quizzes can store results on our own Tanida server so you don't have to fuss with complicated php code. Your quizzes can even email results to you, which again, can be handled by our own Tanida server.


Appropriate for teachers, test administrators, tutors, and homeschoolers, Quiz Builder can create single answer tests, multiple answer tests, true/false tests and word banks, including fill-in-the-blank quizzes and click maps too.

Create great looking quizzes with QuizBuilder 2 !

The full range of functionality and features that we have packed into Quiz Builder Version 2 are too numerous to list exhaustively, but please click on any topic below to get a brief overview.

Add questions and answers

Easily create your first quiz in minutes. Making quizzes with Quiz Builder is a simple matter of typing in questions, pressing the Enter key, and then typing in answers. There's nothing easier than that! With Quiz Builder, you can create an unlimited number of quizzes using:

Multiple Choice - True/False

Gives the end-user a two possible answers to choose from: either true or false. Only one answer can be correct.

Multiple Choice - Single Answer

Gives the end-user a list of possible answers to choose from, but unlike Multiple Choice - Multiple Answer questions, only one answer can be correct.

Multiple Choice - Multiple Answer

Gives the end-user a list of possible answers to choose from, but unlike Multiple Choice - Single Answer questions, more than one answer can be correct.

Multiple Choice - Word Bank

Gives the end-user a list of words (answers) to choose from.

Drag and Drop - Match

Asks the end-user to drag a matching word over the correct choice and drop it.

Drag and Drop - Order

Gives the test-taker a list of objects (answers) to drag and drop into correct order.

Short Answer - Fill In The Blank

Asks the end-user to complete the missing part of a statement.

Click Map

Asks the end-user to complete the missing part of a statement.

Edit question properties

You aren't stuck with just one question format! Quiz Builder let's you change question types on the fly, assign points, randomly shuffle the answers, add pictures, limit the number of tries to get the answer right, AND customize feedback!


Because each one of your quizzes will display the end-user's grade at the end, Quiz Builder lets you assign each question a point value - any point value that you want!


You never need to worry about end-users memorizing the locations of your quiz's answers because you can present the answers of each question in a random order.


With Quiz Builder's ability to display graphics, you can take your quiz-making to a whole new level and show a picture with each question. You can load images from your hard drive or take a screenshots of an image right from within Quiz Builder!


Encourage your end-users with your own unique messages. With Quiz Builder, you can respond to an end-user's answer selection without having to be in the room! Simply type in what you'd like to say when the end-user selects both right and wrong answers.

Edit quiz properties

Adjust the properties of your exported quizzes and identify them with title and ID information, restrict access, design their introductory screens, specify how they'll run and report results, and determine what happens when an end-user completes them.


Give your quiz a unique title and ID number so that it can be readily identified among a large number of quizzes. Set a passing grade and if you want to make a quiz timed, you can have your exported quiz stop when its time limit has expired.


Prompt end users for a username or id number and a password to restrict access to your exported quizzes. If you need your end users to log in on the internet, tell Quiz Builder the URL of the login page and Quiz Builder will send the appropriate parameters to your server script (php, asp.etc.).


Design an introductory screen for your exported quiz. Introduce your quiz with instructions. To show a picture along with your instructions, load an image from your hard drive or take a screenshot of an image on your screen.


Show your students immediate results with a customized feedback message and/or audio message.


Send quiz results to a temporary storage room -- fully accessible when you check for new reports. Get instant reports !

Customize the layout of your quizzes

By customizing a quiz, you can modify the way the final product looks to the end-user. Change your quiz's general appearance, fonts, style, behavior and hover color, bar information, and/or results. Looking for a quick fix? Quiz Builder comes with preset customizations that you can apply to an exported quiz at the click of a button.


Use Quiz Builder to adjust the width and height of your quiz, change the appearance of a quiz's background, or add a border around the window of your quiz if you want to.


Design the way your quiz displays its fonts, background, border, and texture.

Pre-set styles

Quiz Builder comes with a series of preset styles that you can apply to your quizzes. This is handy when you don't want to re-design every little part of the quiz interface. You can even save and retrieve styles that you've built from scratch or modified.

Animation per slide/question or answer

Bring your quizzes to life with Quiz Builder's new animation function. Make your slides fade in, push in, cover the previous slide, or appear from under the previous slide. Questions can appear on the screen from any direction. Answers can appear on the screen from any direction or they can cascade.

Report score and interactions

With Quiz Builder, you can specify the way your exported quiz will report its results:

Send results to Storage Room - Get instant reports !

Send quiz results to a temporary storage room -- fully accessible when you check for new reports. Let Tanida server handle this job or host a storage room on your own server.

Send results to email

Send quiz results to e-mail via Tanida's server or your own(.qresult file attached)

Save quiz results to disk(.qresult files)

Let your test-takers save their quiz results on their hard drive. To access saved results, the file will have to be opened with Quiz Builder (see the Reports tab, Open button).

Send results to server script

Send results to a specific URL.You can see how to parse the xml data received by the server script. At this point, it becomes very easy to populate a database.

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