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Sothink SWF Decompiler

Convert SWF to FLA/FLEX/HTML5.
Your First Choice of Flash Decompiler

  • Dedicated to Flash SWF Decompiler technology for over 12 years.
  • Always keep accuracy and performance in Flash Decompiler and retrievement.
  • Replace image/shape/text/sound and export font/button/sprit/ActionScript.
  • Support Flash CS3/4/5/6 and ActionScript 2.0/3.0.
  • The first and only SWF Decompiler to support XFL & HTML5.

Windows Version



Recover FLA from SWF
Easily convert SWF to Flash document (*.fla)

Recover lost FLA files easily and completely. Convert FLEX-made SWF to FLEX source code.

The latest Flash Decompiler supports can decompile SWF with TLF text included. Compatible with Win10.



View and Extract Flash
Extract SWF elements in all for re-use

One-click to view and extract all SWF elements from existing SWF files. Enrich your own Flash design resources.

Export all (morph) shapes, images, sounds (mp3/wav), videos (flv), fonts, texts, buttons, sprites, frames and AS.



Convert Flash to HTML5
Play Flash movies in HTML5 browsers

Convert Flash SWF to HTML5 files, and then you can play it normally in HTML5 compatible browsers.

Enable visitors to enjoy your Flash movies on PC, iPad, iPhone and other devices that support HTML5.



Edit SWF Elements
Edit shape. Replace image/ text/ sound etc

Flash Decompiler can help you edit all shape elements by modifying both figures and filling types.

Simply edit SWF by replacing images /texts/sounds/shape, creating a new Flash movie in minutes.



Easy to Use
Multi-language interfaces are available

SWF Decompiler offers Office 2007 style, multi-language interfaces, and the system language can be auto-recognized.

To improve efficiency, you can decompile SWF in batch mode, and Globally search all ActionScript.



Free Assistance
Capture and download online Flash

FREE Flash Downloader plugin allows you to capture online Flash from IE or Firefox in one click. You can try SWF Catcher Pro.

A built-in Flash player is also provided to easily and smoothly play any SWF/FLV /F4V movies.






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