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StaffCop Advantages

StaffCop Advantages


  • Helps reduce the risks of data leakage and loss of reputation


Monitor Privileged Users & Vendors with StaffCop

Most privileged parties have access to core systems and data, making it incredibly difficult to detect a malicious user before they have caused damage. Obviously they have a significant advantage over external attackers. Besides already having access to elevated systems, they are aware of their organization’s policies, procedures, and technology and vulnerabilities. Privileged accounts are also the main targets for many external criminals looking to gain access to otherwise ‘secure’ systems.

For all of these reasons and the increasing complexity of the IT environment, privileged user monitoring, identity verification and privileged access management are becoming critical components in an organization’s security techniques. This is where StaffCop comes in.


StaffCop’s real-time user activity monitoring and data loss prevention solutions allow you to monitor privileged users and automatically detect anomalous behavior and suspicious activity that signal a compromised or malicious privileged user. Examples of malicious behavior include: creation of back-door accounts, transmission of sensitive data outside the company etc.

Further, StaffCop’s Intelligent Policy & Rules Engine automatically implements data protection and access control rules on the compromised privileged user to prevent data exfiltration, IP theft, fraud, industrial espionage, sabotage and other malicious attempts.

Leveraging its complete session recording and metadata analysis and immutable logging features, StaffCop’s Privileged User Monitoring conducts threat analysis, forensic investigation and security auditing. Finally, expand your security coverage to encompass your entire organization with StaffCop’s built-in integration with security information and event management (SIEM) and threat analytics systems. Essentially, StaffCop’s privileged user monitoring allows you to:

  • Identify and monitor all privileged users including system administrators, DBAs, network engineers, system architects, developers, IT auditors, remote users, third-party vendors etc.
  • Enforce a ‘zero-trust’ data loss prevention (DLP) strategy utilizing activity, system-access, schedule and content-based rules.
  • Create monitoring and access profiles according to a user’s role, separation of duties, existing Active Directory Group Policy or on a need to know basis.
  • Use immutable logs, session recording and real-time alerts and notifications to audit privileged sessions, detect credential sharing, and other abuse of root accounts.


  • Visibility and Control

StaffCop monitors all user activity over endpoints, servers/terminal servers, network and the Cloud covering of 22+ system objects including: websites, apps, emails, file transfers and on-screen content in real-time.


  • Detect Anomalies with Intelligent Behavioral Engine

StaffCop’s intelligent behavioral engine prevents the mishandling of sensitive data like sharing over the Cloud or removable media.


  • Conduct Forensic Investigation and IT Audit

StaffCop uses video/audio recording of all user activity, session recording, immutable logs, alerts, optional OCR search and similar features to conduct audit and forensic investigations. Combined they provide a wide collection of investigation data to locate the cause and source of any privileged user related threats with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Risk Analysis to Identify Security Gaps & Vulnerabilities

This software solution can also identify high risk users, policy and rules and system components thanks to its dynamic risk scoring and vulnerabilities scanning feature. It also provides trend graphs and severity mapping that warn administrators about any change in threat level before it becomes critical.


  • Protect Data and Privacy with Endpoint DLP

Schedule employees by shift or workload and easily inform all employees about any updates.

  • Conform with Regulatory Compliance

With StaffCop you can monitor privileged users and manage their access while also adhering to major compliance regimens, including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001 etc.


Industry Statistics Show the Need for Insider Threat Prevention Solutions


Application monitoring

According to a report by Cybersecurity Insider, user privilege and increased sensitive data are main risk enablers.

37% Excess Privilege

34% Increased Amount of Sensitive Data


Majority of company breaches involve privileged accounts

A survey of 1,000 of IT decision makers in the U.S. and the U.K. conducted by Centrify revealed that 74% of enterprise breaches involved privileged accounts.

74% Enterprise Breaches Involved Privileged Credential Abuse


Privileged users are one of the greatest security risks

In a recent survey by Crowd Research Partners, 55% mention that privileged IT users/admins pose the greatest insider security risk to their organization.

55% Of Companies Say Privileged Users are Their Biggest Insider Threat


Systems logs and user data - crucial to security analytics

IT pros think login data and 41% think private activities on corporate devices are most essential from a security point of view according to a report by Cynet.

47% Login Date and Time

41% Private User Activity on Company Devices


System-Wide Monitoring & Control

Every action that a privileged user makes on your IT systems including endpoints, servers/terminal servers, network and the Cloud for 22+ system objects like: web, apps, email, file transfers, etc. is visually recorded by StaffCop. Each object can be configured to take into consideration what needs to be monitored and who has access to the monitored records, allowing for instant administrative oversight in respect to all user activity while complying with any privacy requirements. Also, monitoring continues even when systems are offline.


Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Real-time alerts and trend reports show what rules were violated, when, by whom, what action was taken and the context. You'll also receive instant warning or scheduled notification emails of suspicious user activity. Plus you can search for all users or a particular user or group activity.



Behavioral Anomaly Detection

To detect suspicious behavior all you have to do is define what constitutes dangerous or harmful user behavior and StaffCop’s sophisticated anomaly engine will automatically detect when a user, department or group deviates from their normal parameters or exceeds acceptable risk levels. Identifying anomalies in applications, emails, network, file activities and printing, notifying administrators about harmful user activity, locking out users or taking remote control of the compromised system before any malicious or fraudulent attempts are made, are other functions of StaffCop.



Authentication and Access Control

Another key characteristic of StaffCop is its Identity based authentication and segregated access control. These features prevents unauthorized access or sharing of confidential data by allowing administrators to setup an access account for each privileged user that needs authorized clearance and easily track what each user is doing at any given time. Group profiles allows you to create different access levels based on departments, job function or source of access (i.e. remote/third-party etc.) and then define what information and system resources each group can access.


Session Recording and Audit

StaffCop visually records every action that a user makes while on a machine, allowing for both live viewing and pas recordings. Extensive meta data and fast indexing allows past incidents to be searched and retrieved in seconds. Optional audio support for the recording of both sound outputs and inputs, ensuring that all audio coming from speakers and microphones is captured. Recorded files can be exported and downloaded as MP4 files. Immutable session logs and systems logs can be exported as PDF/CSV file or sent to a log monitoring and analytics software like LogRythm.



  • Gives transparency in the workflow


The risk of third-party vendor access

Third party vendors, partners, consultants and outsourced contractors are usually granted privileged access to a company’s internal systems through root or domain administration rights. Due to this access, they can easily change system configuration, steal company data as well as sabotage critical infrastructure. Even with no malicious intent, an external vendor is a major security risk. Industries such as banking and healthcare have strict regulatory requirements - where vendor monitoring is mandatory to ensure privacy and protection while data is transferred or processed between two parties.


These factors are reasons enough for organizations to set up a security perimeter when giving access to external vendors and contractors. And find a technique to continuously monitor all vendor activity to ensure they conform to the company’s security policy and rules.

Additionally, some compliance regulations require organizations to keep a detailed record of any security, privacy or data breach incidents caused by a third-party.


StaffCop Third Party Vendor Management: activity monitoring, threat detection and data loss prevention in a single platform

StaffCop provides an unrivaled platform to monitor, control and protect third party vendors to ensure access is only granted to systems needed, decrease the chances of accidental mistakes that can damage system settings, and help improve IT safety measures. These capabilities are made possible by the software's unique features like user activity monitoring, privileged user management, advanced authentication and access control, remote user monitoring and support for virtualization services.

What’s more, StaffCop helps you meet many regulatory compliance requirements bordering on third party vendor management with its extensive user activity monitoring, data exfiltration protection, audit, reporting and forensics capabilities.


  • Real-Time Activity Monitoring

StaffCop let’s you monitor all user activity encompassing 22+ system objects like: web pages, apps, email, file transfers, instant messaging, social media and more.


  • Authentication and Access Control

With StaffCop’s identity based authentication and segregated access control, you can prevent unauthorized access and sharing of sensitive systems and data by a third-party.


  • Intelligent Policy and Rules Engine

Create monitoring profiles for individual users, groups or departments, and set up custom behavior rules to limit the use of unproductive applications and websites or send automated notices to alert you about excessive idle time and other anomalies with StaffCop.


  • Audit and Forensics

StaffCop's audit and forensic functionality allow for video recording of employee activity, session recording, immutable logs, alerts, and much more. Combined, they offer a wide collection of investigation data to identify the source and insider threat with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Vendor Risk Management

Identify high risk vendors, policies and system components on a dedicated risk dashboard. Sophisticated risk scoring helps identify and focus on areas of vulnerabilities.

  • Productivity & SLA

StaffCop has built-in productivity tools that allows administrators to establish a continuous feedback loop with your vendor network. You can also refine and adjust your organizational workflow by monitoring contract schedules, projects, budget and engagement rate to improve vendor SLA and QA.


  • Compliance Management

Companies can also leverage StaffCop to develop activity and schedule-based rules to support several common compliance requirements like implementing audit trails (GDPR), limiting unauthorized login (ISO 27001), prevent unencrypted file transfers (PCI DSS), reporting, etc.


Third Party Vendors: A Weak URL in Cyber Security Chain


3rd-party incidents – a harsh reality for many companies

In a 2016 global survey of 170 companies, Deloitte researchers discovered that 87% had experienced an incident with a 3rd-party.

87% Suffered a Disturbing 3rd-Party Incident


3rd-party vendors have access to crucial systems and sensitive data

According to a SOHA study, 75% of organizations agree that third-parties have access to many VPNs, networks, and platforms

75% Confirm Third-Parties Have Access to Critical Systems


Organizations spend millions on 3rd-party breaches

Organizations spend an estimated $10+ million responding to 3rd-party breaches annually, says Riskonnect

Est. $10M+ Spent on 3rd-Party Breaches by Organizations


A majority of companies lack 3rd-party security standards

A global survey of companies conducted by PwC found that only 52% have security standards in place for 3rd-parties.

Only 52% of Organizations Consider 3rd-Party Security Top Priority.


Authentication and Access Control

With StaffCop’s identity based authentication and segregated access control features you can prevent unauthorized access or sharing of confidential data outside your organization. The software allows you to create an access account for each vendor that will need authorized clearance and easily monitor what each vendor is doing at any given time. You can also set up profiles for regular, privileged and contract/external users and determine what information and system resources each profile can access.



Session Recording and Playback

StaffCop’s live view and history features offer seamless real-time streaming of third party vendor activity through the dashboard and extensive visual history of all actions taken for both on-site and remote vendors. You can search all actions via metadata, regular expression and natural language. And tag recordings by time and date highlighting any alerts and notification.


Reduce Administrative Overhead

StaffCop has a dedicated Risk dashboard where the supervisor can carry out organization-wide risk evaluation. Risk can be profiled by vendors, system objects accessed by the vendor or departments responsible for the vendor. While reports can be derived by severity of risks or by how many times security violations occur. Organizations can use the software's unique Risk Scores to identify high-risk vendors or policies so that techniques can be developed to address the risks.



Enterprise-Wide Monitoring and Tracking

To ensure organization-wide monitoring, StaffCop allows you to create specific monitoring profiles for your vendors, define what actions and system resources the vendor will be monitored for, when and how and set a schedule for when vendors can log into systems and from which locations. You can also control their access within certain applications, networks, and websites or by time slots.



Document Tracking

The document tracking functionality enables companies to monitor the interactions between third-party vendors and your data including reports on: who accesses data, when the data is accessed, any changes, abnormal activity or any attempts made to alter the data. What’s more, this feature can be configured to fit your policies and used in tracking documents transferred to emails as an attachment, USB, Dropbox, Google Drive, documents printed etc.



Remote Desktop Control

Thanks to StaffCop remote contractors and vendors can now enjoy the simplicity of tracking their project and time with the click of a mouse. Once the StaffCop agent is activated, all actions and data are recorded. The software also allows you to take control of an external vendor's desktop and access at the first sign of malicious activity to eliminate threats of all kinds.



Powerful Policy and Rules Editor

With StaffCop’s remote control feature, a user's ability to access a desktop can be instantly taken away. By manually overriding an account, you can remove the user from the equation, ensuring that activity is contained, and potential threats are eliminated. To activate the remote control function simply click on the remote icon on all live sessions. Override all manual inputs by a user to prevent sensitive data from being compromised and data breach incidents from occurring.