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Proxifier for Windows

Proxifier for Windows Version 3


Proxifier for Windows Version 3 introduces a number of new exciting and long awaited features including x64 and IPv6 support, a new flexible rule system, DNS wildcards, Windows Service proxification, a new look and more (see a complete list below).


What's New in Version 3

Improved UI and New Visual Style

The new version features a significantly improved user interface. The connection list provides much more detailed information about the connections including: selected proxy server, matched rule, connection status with color indication, x64 and IPv6 mark, user name and process ID. All additional information is displayed only when needed so UI remains clean and easy to read.

Proxifier log messages are now more detailed, including all new parameters listed in the above paragraph. Additionally a number of new messages were introduced. Now Proxifier can be configured to output DNS requests, rules processing messages and more. Verbosity of the output can be changed via the Log menu. It is possible to set different log levels for screen and file output and the log file directory is also configurable.

The new version features a new, fresh and much more flexible user interface. You can even create your own configuration of panels or change visual appearance View->Application Look.

Brand New Concept for Proxy Settings and Rules

The core Proxifier configuration has been significantly redesigned and improved. Now you can specify independent multiple proxy servers in Profile->Proxy Settings... It is also possible to create multiple proxy chains and manipulate them via the new UI.

The new version allows you to assign different proxies/chains for different rules Profile->Proxification Rules... Thus each rule has an individual action that tells Proxifier to process the connections through a proxy or chain, to block the connection or to open it directly.

Rule configuration has been redesigned to be much more comprehensive and flexible. Applications and target hosts can be specified as wildcards (e.g. inet*.exe, 192.168.1.*, etc.).
Another very important improvement is DNS name support. Thus the target can be specified by its host name mask such as *.example.com


Management and organization of Proxifier configuration files (*.prx) has been improved and the function has been renamed to Profiles. The key features of the new approach are:

  • Fast switching between profiles.
  • Password encryption Profile->Advanced->Password Encryption...
  • XML format of profile files (*.ppx).

Support for New Technologies

Proxifier v3 fully supports IPv6 protocol and x64 applications and systems. Everything works out of the box. No additional configuration is required.

Transparent NTLM authentication with current user credentials is supported.

All character processing is now based on Unicode. Proxifier works well with any international strings and fonts.

The new version is fully compatible with the latest versions of Windows operating system and benefits from the features available on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

We also did our best to ensure maximum backward compatibility. It is still possible to run Proxifier on Windows 2000.


Services and Other Sessions Proxification

The Proxifier network module has been rewritten to support Windows Services and applications being run by other users on the computer (Profile->Advanced->Services and Other Users...).


DNS over Proxy Improvements

Now you can specify the hostnames that should be resolved with local DNS when Proxifier is configured to process hostnames through a proxy. This feature is useful when you need to work with LAN and Internet connections at the same time.



Version 3 features a number of other improvements. Overall the user experience has been significantly improved. We did our best to ensure maximum compatibility with third-party software, especially firewall and antivirus packages. The new version is much less likely to cause software conflicts.

Quick Start, Migration and Breaking Changes

The new version introduces a number of changes but the core features remain the same:

  1. Specify a proxy server at Profile->ProxySettings...
  2. Configure rules at Profile->Proxification Rules... to match your scenario.
  3. TCP connections that match the rules will be processed through the proxy you have specified.


Proxifier v3 does not import old settings automatically. To convert an old configuration file from Proxifier v2 (*.prx) please use the File->Import Profile... command.

We do not expect any problems with migration, but to avoid any trouble please be aware of the following changes:

  • Each Proxification Rule now has a specific action that tells Proxifier to connect through a proxy or chain, connect directly or block the connection.
  • Proxifier examines the rules from top to bottom. The order of the rules now matters and can be changed.
  • If a connection matches no rules, it is processed according to the special default rule located at the bottom of the list.
  • Direct connections are not processed by default. To change this, please enable Profile->Advanced->Handle Direct Connections

Multiple proxy servers are not chained automatically. The order of the proxies in the list is not relevant. You should implicitly create a proxy chain from the specified proxies.


Proxifier Editions

There are two different editions of Proxifier for Windows:

•Proxifier Standard Edition

•Proxifier Portable Edition

The main goal of the Portable Edition is to help people who have no opportunity to install the software on a computer or deal with multiple computers and would like to save time on installation. The Portable Edition requires no installation and can be run from a USB stick. You can work from an Internet cafe or on a computer with guest access only.

Standard Edition is more suitable for users who have their own PCs at home, at work, or in a corporate environment.


A comparison chart of the main features is listed below.


Standard Edition v3

Portable Edition v3

Installation and System Requirements



(Administrator rights are required)

No installation is required

Run from “Guest” account



Run from removable media



Run from removable media
(USB stick, card, etc)



Supported operating systems

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Windows Server 2003/2008

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Windows Server 2003/2008

Settings storage

File and System Registry


Proxy Servers




HTTP proxy

HTTP connections only

HTTP connections only





User applications


Applications with
graphical user interface only




Other user sessions



Proxification mode



Proxification rules




DNS through proxy server



Auto run on Windows startup



File log and traffic dump



Help system

Online/Help file




Profiles of Standard and Portable editions are absolutely compatible. You can export a profile from the Standard version and load it into the Portable version and vice versa.



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