Absoft Windows Pro Fortran Compiler Suite

Windows Fortran Compiler Suite 

Absoft Pro Fortran 2017 For Windows

A complete Windows Fortran compiler solution in one easy installation with nothing else to buy. Pro Fortran builds faster code with exclusive Dynamic AP load balancing, SMP analysis, OpenMP 3.1, and advanced optimization. The AbsoftTools integrated development environment speeds program development and maintenance.  Complete command line development support is also provided. The Windows Fortran compiler supports a full range of project targets including command line programs, GUI based applications, and Window’s DLLs.  It provides a complete 32 and 64 bit Windows Fortran compiler solution and supports mixed language development by interfacing with the Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows SDK C/C++ compilers.

A Complete Windows Fortran Compiler Solution

•Extended Fortran compiler with advanced optimization technology

•AbsoftTools IDE a Fortran-centric development environment

•Fx3 source level debugger a superior GUI Fortran/C source debugger

•AWE Fortran application framework adds modern GUIs to legacy code

•AMDAL high performance library for math,  graphics and data access

•GINO GUI Lite included at no additional cost

•Pro Fortran 2017 for Windows Product Specification

Fortran Environment designed by Fortran Experts

The AbsoftTools development environment simplifies code development by solving the problems associated with IDEs such as Visual Studio and Xcode – excellent for C++, but with no knowledge of Fortran. The Absoft Fortran IDE supports both Fortran and C and automatically provides proper syntax sensitivity, array indexing, etc. for each language. It includes everything you need: full Fortran 95 compiler with F2003 and F2008 features, programmer’s editor, Fx3 source level debugger, application framework, graphics and optimized math libraries in a single, easy-to-use package.

Pro Fortran for Windows System Requirements

•32 or 64 bit Intel or AMD CPU – multi core suggested for best performance

•32 or 64 Microsoft OS – Desktop: Vista – Windows 10, Server: Windows 2008 or later

•2 GB RAM – 4 GB suggested for best performance

•1 GB free disk space for complete installation

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