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PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate


PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate
Photo editing software & bonus collection

  • Professional photo editing software collection
  • NEW Corel AfterShot 3 RAW photo editor
  • Perfectly Clear 2 SE automatic photo correction
  • NEW Corel Live Screen Capture screen recording

The ultimate photo editor

Take your photography to new levels with Corel® PaintShop® Pro X9 Ultimate—including the faster, easier, more-creative-than-ever PaintShop Pro and an exclusive bonus collection of premium photo and video software plus creative extras. Edit RAW photos and save time with the powerful batch processing in AfterShot 3. Automatically correct images with Perfectly Clear 2 SE, and record video from your screen with Corel Live Screen Capture.

Exclusive Ultimate Bonus Pack

RAW photo editing

Quickly learn professional-grade RAW photo editing and take control of very large photo collections with AfterShot 3. Make easy corrections and enhancements, quickly apply adjustments to one or thousands of photos at once with batch processing tools.

Automatic photo corrections

Restore details lost by your camera’s sensor with the proven, patented corrections in Perfectly Clear 2 SE. Apply the corrections automatically, then use the independent controls to adjust them as you wish.

Screen recording

Capture exactly what’s happening on your screen, including system audio and microphone sound, with Corel Live Screen Capture. Record custom content for presentations or training, or a how-to to share with a friend or colleague.

Feature-rich picture editing software

New from Template

Build something great, faster than ever with new project templates. Quickly make photo collages, personalized greetings, brochures and more. Save your own layouts as templates to speed up future design and photo projects.

Screenshot featuring Smart Capture

Capture, edit and annotate screenshots in one place with the full editing power of PaintShop Pro—no need for multiple applications! New Smart Capture mode lets you quickly grab an image from your screen just by hovering over the area you want to capture.


Gradient Fill tool

Save time by adjusting gradients directly on an image, shape or canvas. Simply drag and drop color swatches and move nodes on the Gradient Fill tool to alter gradients to your liking.


Version Comparison


PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate

PaintShop Pro X9

PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate

PaintShop Pro X8

PaintShop Pro X7

NEW Corel AfterShot 3 — Quickly adjust and manage even large photo collections, and enhance RAW files.  

AfterShot? 2

Perfectly Clear by Athentech Imaging — Apply robust, one-click image corrections with award-winning intelligent photo correction technology.      
NEW Corel Live Screen Capture — Record video directly from your screen. Easily capture both system audio and microphone sound when recording.        
Creative collection — Includes dozens of brushes, textures and royalty-free backgrounds.      
NEW New from Template — Build personalized greetings, brochures and more, faster than ever with new project templates.      
NEW Screenshot featuring Smart Capture — Capture and edit screenshots all in one place.      
NEW Gradient Fill tool — Easily adjust gradients by dropping a gradient directly onto an image and dragging nodes to alter it.      
NEW Text Presets — Accelerate editing tasks by applying presets to your text.      
Enhanced! Improved Text tool — Enjoy a simplified, customizable text toolbar with new text features.      
Enhanced! Real-Time Photo Effects — See your photo adjustments in real-time for a quick, responsive editing experience.      
NEW Export Edit History — Document and share your edits to a specific photo or project.      
NEW Improved Stylus and Graphics Tablet support — Enjoy enhanced stylus performance with support for WinRTS devices.      
NEW Batch Smart Photo Fix — Save time by combining Smart Photo Fix and batch processing to apply adjustments to multiple photos at once.      
NEW Guided Tour — Be successful sooner with a first-time walkthrough of PaintShop Pro's interface and key features.      
Enhanced! Scripts — Apply your scripts faster with Script dialog boxes suppressed by default.      
Text wrapping — Instantly wrap text inside a vector shape or selection for new creative options.  
Magic Move — Select the person or object to move and drag it to a new position. The empty area left behind is filled automatically.  
Lens Correction — Easily correct distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations in the Edit workspace or the Camera RAW Lab.  
4K monitor support — All-new icons and an enhanced interface are compatible with Ultra High DPI displays.  
Magic Fill — Easily erase an unwanted part of your photo and replace it with a seamlessly matching background.
Text and Shape Cutting tools — Instantly create photo objects by using a text or shape to clip underlying photos or imagery.
XMP support — With XMP support for RAW images, PaintShop Pro X8 can read and import data saved in XMP files.
Quick selection tools — Drag a selection window over the desired spot with Auto Selection. Or try the Smart Selection brush to quickly make a selection by brushing over the target area.
Video learning — Watch and learn from a library of helpful video tutorials in the Discovery Center.
Plugin support — Enjoy support for 64-bit versions of third-party plugins and Adobe Photoshop plugins.
Places — Map your photos to real-world locations.
People — Use face recognition technology to tag the people in your photos.
HDR photo merge — Blend multiple exposures to create striking High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos.
Retro Lab? — Apply old-school effects inspired by early lo-fi cameras.
Instant Effects palette — Transform photos by applying dozens of unique creative effects inspired by vintage photographs, film styles and more.
Share My Trip — Show interactive slideshow of your trip using Google Maps.
Sharing options — Upload your photos to Facebook, Flickr, and Google+.
Scripts — Speed up repetitive tasks using the scripting engine and guide for batch edits.
Selective Focus — Mimic the effect of expensive tilt-shift lenses and turn a scene into a miniature world.
Fill light and clarity — Brighten shadowy areas of a photo while preserving the rest of the image.
RAW Lab — Make non-destructive adjustments to your RAW images. Easily restore detail in overly exposed areas, correct white balance and more.
Batch processing — Adjust one photo, then apply to multiple photos.
Photo Management Tools — Catalog, search, rate and tag your photos so you can quickly find your favorites.
Object Extractor — Quickly and precisely isolate and remove from an image.
Visible Watermark — Trademark and brand your photos.
Color Changer Tool
Adjustment Layers
Makeover Tools — Remove blemishes, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, paint on a tan, and thinify your subjects
Digital Camera Noise Removal & Chromatic Aberration Removal Filters
Straighten, Perspective & Lens Distortion Correction Filters
Cloning and Scratch Remover tools
Vector Drawing tools
Web graphics: Image Optimizer, Rollover Creator and Image Slicer & Mapper
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