iMindMap Ultimate

iMindMap10 Ultimate

iMindMap Ultimate is our flagship Mind Mapping and Brainstorming software, consisting of the full suite of advanced features from Fast Capture View through to Presentation View.


iMindMap is one of the most useful organisational tools that I use on a daily basis. An invaluable tool in helping me succeed at work.

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iMindMap Ultimate


Turn ideas into reality

Switch to Time Map View to maximise every productivity enhancing benefit of iMindMap, and transform your ideas into actionable tasks. Assemble your ideas along a visually rich and interactive timeline and manage them from inspiration to competion.

Free-form Brainstorming

Fast Capture 

Capture ideas quickly

The fastest way to capture ideas, Fast Capture View quickly crystallises fleeting moments of inspiration. A single click creates an interactive bubble for you to type ideas into, quickly creating a web of thoughts.

Free-form brainstorming

iMindMap is the only Mind Mapping software featuring a free-form Brainstorm View, to help you sort ideas before developing them in a Mind Map. Use sticky notes on an infinite canvas to represent even the most abstract of thoughts digitally. Learn More

Free-form Brainstorming


Flexible Mind Mapping & Flowchart View

Endorsed by the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan, iMindMap allows you to create stunning Mind Maps and flowcharts. Channel your creative side and include icons, images and even link to other files, webpages and more.


Memorable presentations made easy

Design and deliver stunning presentations with iMindMap’s Presentation View. Utilise a full range of features to ensure your presentation looks professional, with 3D View, templates, slide notes, slick transitions and more. Take advantage of the range of tools geared to maximise your delivery.

Memorable Presentations


Free 12 months of DropTask for Business

Seamlessly transform ideas into actions with iMindMap’s integration with visual task management app, DropTask. Ultimate users benefit from a free 12 month subscription. Learn More

Export into a variety of formats

Working with the most-used desktop programmes, iMindMap Ultimate can effortlessly export your maps into clean Word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, webpages, images and more. Integrating with Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox, there are now even more ways for your work to be seen and shared.

Export Formats

Outline Panel 

Organise in one click

Working in sync in Fast Capture, Mind Map and Brainstorm views, use the Outline Panel to locate and sort your work. You can drag and drop ideas from the canvas into the panel before editing them with ease.

Free 12 months of iMindMap Cloud & Mobile

Save, sync and share your creations across all your devices, with 1GB storage in iMindMap Cloud and the fully featured iMindMap mobile apps for Android and iOS. 



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