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Company Culture and Values



Give heartfelt thanks for everyone in your life, every day, every event happened; warmly appreciate company, staff, society and contribute to society; go all out to help the vulnerable people.



Integrity is the fundamental cause of our success and we have always been keeping our word and never goes back. Our success is not only the success in economy, but also the trust and recognition of customers, and has a good reputation. Treat customer as closest friends with the true heart. To win customers, we would like to establish a true friendship based on the business and this kind of friendship is the most solid; keeping promise is also an important quality of COGITO SOFTWARE CO.,LTD..



Seriousness is a quality to go all out to work with carefulness, commitment and make things better; seriousness is to threw ourselves into our daily life, our habits and our work for the entire life.



we are pursuing win-win situation for company and staff, administrator and workers, company and counterparts, company and vendors, group and group, team and individuals. Sharing benefits and learning from others is the foundation of cooperating with others. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team.

Positive and Self-confident
Believe that you are the source of all good things; believe that you are the best; believe that all luck and success will come to you; believe that "what you are thinking decides the way you live". Adhere to learning and have a powerful ability to learn. Believe that knowledge can change your destiny.


Personal Responsibility
Everyone should make every effort to reach their goals, and go all out to help companies or partners to achieve common goals. Bring out the potentials by self-help or helping others. In addition, everyone should be a good citizen in society and has courage to take their own mistakes, constantly to sum up and improve themselves.


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