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Polliwog PollEx PCB DFM

 Polliwog PollEx PCB DFM

Related FAQ PollEx DFM is rule-based PCB verification software for manufacturing engineers. Using PollEx PCB as its basis PollEx DFM supports PCB design data in various ECAD formats. It allows users to detect design errors which result in costly manufacturing defects.

Reduces Time and Cost of Design to Manufacturing Process

Its features allow users to reduce expense and loss of time occurring in a mass production cycle. Numerous manufacturing defect items are checked against the PCB design data, and any design errors are reported at the point of error so that they are easily identified and corrected. Consequently employing PollEx DFM results in significant reduction of manufacturing defects.


User-optimized environment for setting multiple rules.

Contains all intelligent information from ECAD database with the use of PollEx PCB.

Verification of assembly and fabrication against conceptual and physical designs.

Provides customized functions of reflecting requirements of field engineers.

Can manage checking history as report with screenshots of real error points.

Efficient use of Running Core and Pre/Post Processors.

Major checking items

Over 120 Items

Spacing optimization for components

Component Spacing, Reverse Placement Spacing,  , Min Pad Spacing in Component

Mark existence for manufacturing equipments

First Pin Mark, IC Visual Mark, Center Mark, Polarity Mark, Pin Count Mark, Fiducial Mark, PCB Mark, SMT Direction Mark

Adequate condition for manufacturing environment

Prefix Check, Pair Component, Silk to Silk, Reference Name Silk, Reference Name Ordering, Pin Arrangement, Silk Print Between Two Pins, Variant Pad Shape, Edge Pin Size, OSP, Nearest Comp Silk, Specific Area, Pad Size by Pin Pitch

Annular ring optimization

Dip Annular Ring, Via Annular Ring

Placement optimization

Component Count, Component On Component, Component Placement, Prohibited Component, Placement At Reverse Side, Standard Component


Screw, Pin Mark Match Check, Hole Mark Match Check, Pad Match Check, Board Outline Match Check

Drill condition

Drill Size of Hole, Drill Size of Pin, Drill Size of Via, Under Hole/Via, Hole Distance, Gas Hole, Drill Scan, Similar Hole Size

Pin pad condition

Hole Through Pad, Silk On Pad, Dummy Pad, Via Spacing, Teardrop, Via S/R Spacing, SR Pad, Remove Copper, Thermal Pad, Copper Connected Pad, Minimum Via Land Size, Via Over Stack

Condition of PCB space

Board Spacing, PCB Outline Spacing, Guide Hole, Guide Line, Cutting Region, PCB Outline Sharp Angle, Array Board Size Check, Label Box, Missing Hole, Min Silk Width, Jig Hole, Routing Slit, SM Violate, Dummy PCB, Board Origin Offset, V-Cut, Sub Board MisArrangement, Data Existence, Ground Wall

Net verification

Connected Pad, Lines Between Two Pins, Net to Net, Min Width, Pad to Net, 1 Pin Nets, Crack Pattern, Object to Object, Unrouted Net, Keep Out Pattern


Bending Area, Stiffener, Round Pattern, Bonding Pad, Silver Paste, Min Via Spacing, Manufacturing Process, Coverlay, Bonding Area

Condition for specific product

LED, Text Existence, Key Pad, Dome Sheet Guide Hole, TCP Bonding Mark, TCP Dummy Pad, TCP Pad, TCP Align Hole, FPC Dummy Pad

BGA component

Spacing from Other Object, Underfill

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