TreeSize Professional

TreeSize Professional is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager for all Windows versions and client/server versions currently supported by Microsoft. Native 64 Bit support makes sure that available memory will never pose a restriction - not even on the largest systems. More than 87,000 customers trust TreeSize.


  • Efficient Disk Space Management from all perspectives

    • See the size of all folders including their subfolders and break it down to the file level.
    • Visualize disk usage in the pie or bar chart.
    • Tree maps visualize hierarchies and sizes of subfolders in the selected directory.
    • Detailed view with single files and additional information (e.g. date of last access).
    • Statistics about file types and file owners for every branch.
    • Filter the file system tree on the left by a certain user or file type.
    • See a list of the 100 largest files.
    • Distribution of occupied disk space by file age.
    • Scan FTP, WebDAV, and SharePoint servers.
    • Disk Space Management on smartphones and mobile devices.
  • Versatile File Search

    • Integrated file search.
    • Fully customizable file search.
    • Archive, copy, or move the results of the TreeSize File Search, for instance lar, old, or temporary files or files of a certain type.
    • Search multiple driveswhole servers and even your entire network neighborhood.
    • Search results can be exported, moved, deleted or passed to any executable file or script.
    • TreeSize offers a powerful duplicate file search, optionally with MD5 or SHA256 checksums. TreeSize also enables you to easily deduplicate files using hardlinks.
  • Exporting and Reporting

    • TreeSize enables you to export scan results (showing the directory structure) to many different formats such as Excel, XML, HTML, text/CSV file, clipboard, or email.
    • Export a list of all files in the scanned folder and its subfolders, for example for use in a database.
  • Track Growth

    • Save the data to an XML file and load it again later.
    • See which folders have grown: Compare a saved XML file to a current version of the file system branch, TreeSize Professional displays the difference between the two scans.
    • Take snapshots of the current state of disk space usage and compare them with snapshots Windows takes automatically.
  • Customized Analyses & Views

    • Configure displayed columns for the details view, Excel export, text file and printed reports.
    • Include and exclude certain files or folders in your scans.
  • Scheduled Scans

  • High Performance thanks to Multithreading

    • Browse the results during scanning.
    • Scan and view several folders at the same time.
    • Automatic adjustment of the number of threads that are used for a scan.
  • Perfect Integration with the Windows Explorer

    • Explorer context menu supported inside the TreeSize window.
    • TreeSize Professional can be started from within the Windows Explorer.
    • Drag and Drop is enabled.
    • On a Windows Core Server TreeSize can serve as a graphical user interface.
  • Full Network Support

    • TreeSize Professional offers full support for network drives and scans UNC paths like Servershare.
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