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Stella Professional

The next generation modeling experience

the future of modeling is now...

Stella Professional is your complete modeling tool for dynamic modeling, policy analysis, and strategy development. Quickly perform "what if" analyses to support and improve your decision making.

The Highlights of Stella Professional


Stella Professional's intuitive interface allows you to quickly move from an idea to building models and exploring results. The simplicity of the stock flow diagram and effective behavioral analysis will quickly make it your invaluable modeling tool!


Take analysis to the next level and dynamically explore your model results. Quickly analyze your model and identify key variables that affect the behavior of your system and better understand its dynamics.


Work in an ideal risk-free environment to test your policy changes without fear of losing valuable time and assets. Explore whether policies correct the problem or make it worse, and gain insights of the system behavior.

Key Features

Stella Live

Dynamically explore model behavior with instant updating

Explore Results

Easily analyze the results of each individual variable

Identify Errors

Quickly find errors in equations and units

Bezier Connectors

Go around objects and lines, not through them

Cycle Time

Precisely compute time of tasks and activities


Many mathematical, statistical and logical operations

Data Manager

Quickly compare data across several runs, archive and recall settings and results


Discover key leverage points and optimal conditions

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