BackupAssist V9

Windows Server backup and recovery software

Fast, reliable backups for Windows Servers. Protect your business continuity with our suite of advanced technologies.

Choose BackupAssist v9 for


Simple, fast and predictable backups of your Windows Servers, applications, data and systems.


Customized bare–metal recovery to same or dissimilar hardware, using RecoverAssist, our clever recovery tool.


Restore mail items and mailboxes.


Restore files from a Hyper-V guest


Easy to use Restore Console, with granular restore tools for Exchange, Hyper-V and SQL backups.


Remotely manage backups, restores, updates, reports and licensing all from a user-friendly web application


Back up to a tape device.


Back up across the internet.


Point-in-time SQL restores.

Our Edge

Reliable & Predictable – Full support with the complete range of Microsoft Windows and Small Business Servers. We’ve worked hard to become a certified Microsoft Gold Application Developer.

Simple – Easily back up your data & systems with our intuitive, user-friendly interface. If disaster strikes, effortlessly restore or recover lost data with a few simple steps.

Affordable – You only ever pay for what you need. Our flexible, modular pricing means you buy a base–license and purchase add-ons only as required. If you don’t need it, you won’t pay for it.

Powerful - Advanced users aren’t forgotten with powerful, configurable settings offering precise control over how your data is protected. Easy for novices, great for pros.

Fast & Easy - Schedule and automate your backups for fast, painless data security. BackupAssist defines set and forget with advanced, customizable automatic backup schemes.

Flexible - Backup to a comprehensive range of destinations. Define your own dynamic security and backup to network, NAS, RDX, iSCSI, local drives, optical drives, USB HDD, tape or cloud.

What's new in v9?

NEW - Hyper-V Tab:  – BackupAssist v9 will automatically detect when it’s installed on a Hyper-V Server, and display a new tab in the User Interface. The Hyper-V tab makes your life easy by giving you fast, clear-cut control over your Hyper-V backup environment.

NEW - Rapid VM Recovery: – The Hyper-V Advanced Add-on now includes Rapid VM Recovery, a brand new feature that allows you to quickly spin up your Hyper-V guests from their backup location. This means if live guests become unavailable, backups of those guests can take over and provide the same functions and services, giving you time to plan and schedule full recoveries of the live guests.

NEW - Bootable Backups:  – Make any image-level backup to external drives a recoverable media device. That means all you need is your backup device to perform a full bare metal recovery – making for easier, faster recoveries with fewer moving parts.

NEW - Improved Data Containers:  – BackupAssist v9 completely supports VHDX data containers for Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. VHDX Data containers can grow well beyond the previous 2TB limit - on some hardware configurations, as high as 64TB! As your data grows, BackupAssist v9 keeps up.

NEW - Integrated Restore Console:  – We've fine-tuned the Guided Restore Console and integrated it seamlessly into the BackupAssist UI. Not only that, we've given it a complete makeover - making it easier and faster to access and restore the data you need.

NEW - On-Demand Analytics:  – In BackupAssist v9, you can perform diagnosis on your backup destinations before the jobs run. This means you can identify and resolve many problems ahead of time, without needing to wait for the backup to complete.

NEW - Faster image and file backups:  – We’ve beefed up the performance of our image and file-level backup engines. BackupAssist v9 is able to create System Protection backups at up to 30% faster speeds than previous versions, and File Protection can achieve up to 40% faster speeds!

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