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Software introduction

e! Sankey is a Sankey Diagrams mapping software developed by IFU Hamburg GmbH, Germany. The company has been developing Windows applications since 1993. Their products can provide professional solutions for sustainability, energy efficiency and resource efficiency. Use the e! Sankey You can make as attractive a Sankey diagram as you want. The software provides comprehensive mapping capabilities and rich design options, so you can visualize energy flow, material flow, cost flow as nice looking flow Diagrams.

e! Sankey is the leader in software tools for mapping Sankey diagrams and is used by experts in industries around the world, including industry, consulting, research, logistics, education, finance, manufacturing and more. Use the e! Sankey software allows you to visualize the most important data by drawing streams and nodes. The software language includes zh-CN and 5 other languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, PT).

What is a Sankey?
Fig:Sankey diagram for VC process with HCl recycling (fictitious values)
Definition and characteristics of Sankey diagram?
  • Sankey diagram is a specific type of flow diagram.
  • It can represent both energy flow and mass flow.
  • The width of the arrow is proportional to the flow value;
  • Directed arrows (between at least two nodes) represent flows in a process, production system, or supply chain; Anyway, the advantage of a sankey diagram is that it draws attention by highlighting the maximum traffic, consumption and loss in the diagram.
  • Can let the audience more intuitive understanding of the size of the flow of various sizes;
  • Flows on sankey diagrams can be drawn using different colors.


Diverse design methods

Because there are no standardized rules on the design and layout of sanki diagrams, sanki diagrams can be designed in a variety of styles.

In order to allow users to design diverse, personalized, and novel sankey images according to their own ideas, E! Sankey provides users with a rich and comprehensive set of custom drawing options.


Visualized stream data

e! Sankey is a professional graphics software for streaming data visualization for PPT presentations, reports, and publications. Using sankey diagrams, you can present your data to project teams, partners, and customers more vividly and persuasingly, thereby helping you and your team discover important and valuable information hidden within the data.


Areas of Application

Sankey diagram is widely used in various industries, such as: energy management, equipment management, production process, waste treatment, logistics transport and supply chain management. The e! Sankey has more than 12,000 users in more than 100 countries.


Use the e! Sankey Drawing features and advantages:

e! Sankey is the standard Sankey chart drawing software designed for professionals. Use the e! Sankey, you can make as good a Sankey diagram as you want without compromising accuracy, and you can set up as many layouts as you want. e! Sankey software has the following advantages:


e! Sankey makes drawing Sankey diagrams easier and faster

1. Support high degree of freedom drawing;

2. The flow direction can be set arbitrarily.

3. The arrow route can be flexibly planned through the anchor points.


Software advantages summary:

1) Widely applicable to flow data visualization in various fields, such as: energy flow, material flow, cost flow, supply chain management;

2) Can draw professional and persuasive Sankey charts, which can be used in your PPT speeches, reports and publications to help you analyze the flow data;

3) You can build a real-time link and use Excel to update your Sankey graph in real time (the data in the Excel table will be automatically synchronized to the sankey graph), saving time and effort;

4) Realize the visualization of resource utilization and energy utilization. The maximum flow in sankey diagram can especially attract the attention of the audience;

5) Balance detection to verify the accuracy of stream data and ensure the consistency of input and output traffic.

e! Sankey basic drawing functions?
  • Draw arrows: You can draw an arrow between processes to indicate where the flow is going.
  • Item drag and drop: You can drag an item for a material or energy flow onto the arrow to indicate the type of flow;
  • Flow value: the amount of energy or mass that can be added;
  • Arrow width: according to the user input flow size value, the software can automatically calculate the arrow width, and draw it out accurately;
  • Proportional scaling: Flow can be scaled, even when moving sankey diagram elements;
  • Custom design: The ability to freely draw arrows and nodes ensures a high degree of custom design.



Rich layout setup options

1. ICONS or pictures: You can set the process as ICONS or pictures.

2. Set the arrow head: You can set the shape and size of the arrow head, and you can also enable or disable the display of the arrow head.

3. Label layout options: Font Settings include color, style, size, rotation, and alignment. Support custom format, for example, numerical display, percentage display;

4. Plan the arrow path: Set the proper arrow path by inserting anchor points, rather than drawing straight arrows directly between two nodes;

5. Arrow docking position: the arrow can be specified to dock on the side of the process symbol;

Software operation interface?

New Version E! Sankey 5

The new version e! Sankey 5 adds more powerful features, including:

  • Extended balance check (set relative/absolute tolerances)
  • Custom balance tags
  • Balance check: Prompt when the input and output of the process are inconsistent
  • Adaptive label position: Labels move as the width of the process changes
  • Adaptive process width: The process width changes with the flow size
  • Add hyperlinks: used to open files, websites and other sankey diagrams
  • SVG output: Can export high resolution images in SVG format (interactive SVG diagram)
  • Cloud storage services: SharePoint/Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox.



Update dynamically changing Sankey graph E! Sankey pro

When doing monthly reports or releasing streaming data on a regular basis, you may only need to update the traffic values in the Sankey diagram and not want to redraw it, as this would undoubtedly take a lot of time and repetitive work. To help solve this problem, we talked to e! Sankey Pro has added Live Links to help you draw/update Sankey diagrams more efficiently: First, create a Live link between Sankey diagrams and Microsoft Excel for data association. Once the data in an Excel spreadsheet (cell) is updated, it is immediately synchronized to e! Sankey components. When these values change, both the traffic size and the arrow width are automatically readjusted. This way, you can always keep the sankey graph data up to date with minimal effort, and you won't have to redo the drawing. In addition, if you use the function calculation function of Excel, you can calculate the size of other traffic values based on the given traffic value.

Advantages of using live links?

1. Update the traffic value synchronously.

2. Avoid human error during data input;

3. Can use function formula in Excel to calculate traffic, even can use VBA;

4. Data can be retained in Excel tables to facilitate the generation of other types of statistical charts;

Export the Sankey diagram and save it as an image or graphic file for adding to an Excel worksheet.


Auxiliary computing function E! Sankey calc

We provide users with the most powerful e! Sankey Calc version. New to this release is computing. The software calculates the values of other streams based on the values of existing streams in one process, eliminating tedious and error-prone manual calculations. Calculation includes: merge, sum, difference, split, transform, automatic, etc.

  1. Merge: Take all incoming arrow traffic and pass them to a single output arrow, the same input traffic will be merged.
  2. Sum: Calculates the Sum of all input flows and creates an output stream at the output arrow.
  3. Difference: Calculate the Difference of surrounding traffic and create an output stream at the output arrow.
  4. Split: Take all the traffic and pass it to the output arrow, the traffic is Split according to a given ratio.
  5.  Transform: Calculate the sum of all input traffic and select input items for each output arrow to create traffic. Values are calculated based on a given ratio.
Function comparison of different versions

功 能 比 较








Numerous features for drawing Sankey diagrams

Manage flows,units,scaling,colors

User interface in 6 different languages


Balance check for input and output flows

Export diagrams(BMP,GIF,JPG,PNG,EMF,PDF)

Export in SVG vector graphics format


Live Link to Microsoft Excel


Visualization of stock changes


Link files and URLs from diagram elements


Calculation of flows through process operations



SDK: Allows your software to display sankey diagrams as well?