The World's Easiest Portrait Enhancement Software

·      PortraitPro works in a completely different way to ordinary airbrushing and photo editing software.

·      The software is trained in human beauty, so you can add as much photo enhancement as required.

·      Expert photo touch-up can be achieved by unskilled users in minutes. With PortraitPro, you can enhance faces as much as you want simply by moving sliders.

What's new in PortraitPro 15?

All New: Full Makeup Controls

New PortraitPro 15 offers a full set of makeup enhancements, our most requested new feature. Based on advanced research into real cosmetics, PortraitPro 15 delivers natural results with intuitive slider controls.

·      Bronzing, highlighting and blusher to emphasize and flatter the subject's features.

·      Photo-realistic mascara brings out the eyes.

·      Choose from the most fashionable eyeliner styles.

·      A full spectrum of eyeshadow colors and shapes to choose from.

·      Lipstick color and texture options for the look you want.

From subtle, everyday looks to high-fashion editorial styles; PortraitPro 15 is like having a makeup artist on-hand for all of your photos.

Correct Wide Angle Lens Distortion

The new Lens Correction slider fixes distortion caused by a wide-angle lens (commonly known as selfie distortion), creating more natural-looking, flattering portraits.

Advanced Skin Coloring Controls

Brand new skin coloring options allow you to intelligently correct for any lighting situation and give skin a healthy, natural glow.

Improved Mouth Detection

PortraitPro 15 incorporates innovative new technology to improve mouth detection for a faster, more automated editing process.

New Child Mode

New in PortraitPro 15, Child Mode brings out children’s natural beauty. All enhancements have been optimized to sensitively improve the portrait.


PortraitPro Software Editions

Standard - For amateur photographers working with JPG or 24-bit TIFF files.

Studio - For amateur or professional photographers who work directly with RAW files or want the higher quality of 48-bit colors.

Studio Max - For professional photographers or those working with lots of images.




Free online support
Fully automatic age and gender detection
Relight your images
Skin smoothing
Face sculpting
Eye enhancing
Hair enhancing
Mouth enhancing
Manual touch-up brush
Picture controls
Lighting controls
Unlimited fully customizable presets
Enhance more than one person in a photo
Read & write JPEG and TIFF format
Facebook integration
Optimized for 32 bit Windows and Mac
Optimized for 64 bit Windows and Mac
64 bit has no limit on image size
Available as a Photoshop plug-in -
Available as an Aperture plug-in -
Available as a Lightroom plug-in -
Read camera RAW format -
Read Adobe DNG format -
Read and write TIFFs with 16 bits per color sample -
Read and write PNGs with 16 bits per color sample -
Supports conversion between different color spaces -
Supports setting monitor and working color spaces -
JPEG and TIFF embedded color profile support -
Batch dialog to speed workflow - -
Full Batch mode to greatly speed workflow - -
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