OSS 4G NAS/C, C++ Encoder Decoder Library

4G NAS/C, C++ Encoder Decoder Library

In response to several customer requests to support the NAS (Non-Access-Stratum) protocol (3GPP TS 24.301), OSS Nokalva has developed a set of productivity enhancing tools that free customers from the task of writing software to create, process, debug and test NAS messages, which is particularly time consuming and error prone when dealing with changes in the 3GPP releases. Customers can focus instead on their core business.

OSS NAS Encoder/Decoder Library

The NAS Encoder/Decoder Library, available on Windows and Linux for C and C++, is a tool that facilitates the creation, encoding, decoding, and processing of messages conforming to the 3GPP Technical Specification 24.301.

The NAS Encoder/Decoder Library takes care of all of the unique aspects of NAS message serialization such as, required and optional information elements, bit-level format of each type of information element, bit order, half-octet order, and so on. A developer using the library works with a set of C structures or C++ classes provided with the library, and makes simple calls to encode and decode functions, as well as to other useful functions which are available.

Current users of OSS' ASN.1 C or C++ Tools will feel at home with the OSS NAS encoder/decoder API because both the API and the C structures and C++ classes are very similar to those used with protocols specified in ASN.1.

The NAS Encoder/Decoder Library API supports:

  • Encoding and decoding NAS protocol data units
  • Printing encoded or un-encoded NAS protocol data units in XML form
  • Copying NAS protocol data units
  • Comparing un-encoded or decoded NAS protocol data units

The OSS NAS Encoder/Decoder Library consists of a main run-time component and one or more plug-ins, each supporting a particular 3GPP release. An application using the NAS Encoder/Decoder Library can work with multiple versions of the NAS protocol (multiple 3GPP releases) through the same API.

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