GoodSync Enterprise Workstation

GoodSync for Business Workstation

Backup and Synchronization for Workstation Operating Systems

Full Desktop/Laptop Backup and Recovery

Platform and Protocol Independent

Multi Destination and Automation Support

Fast and Easy Deployment across the Enterprise

Remote File Access to all your Data

The GoodSync for Business Workstation license is the cornerstone of our GoodSync Family of Products, it can operate individually or as a part of a larger system. GoodSync for Business Workstation license is required for GoodSync to operate on Windows/Mac desktops and laptops.

GoodSync for Business Workstation is a versatile and cost-effective backup and synchronization solution that works with a variety of protocols, cloud services, and storage devices, giving you maximum flexibility, ease of use, and reliability. Workstation can connect all of your local or remote computers and storage devices, including removable or NAS devices, or devices connected through FTP, SFTP, WebDAV or GoodSync Connect.

As a standalone product, GoodSync for Business Workstation empowers the user to backup or synchronize local data to another workstation, file server, NAS device or cloud storage in automated, scheduled or real-time mode.

Deployment is fast and simple. And the job setup interface requires little to no effort to master.

GoodSync Enterprise
GoodSync Enterprise
GoodSync Enterprise Control Center
Ideal for businesses with: Workstations needing offline access to shared files; Disaster recovery backup; or "Roaming profiles" Servers/virtual machines that need disaster recovery backup; Distributed file access; Block-Level Backup/Synchronization A need for centralized management/reporting of workstation/network backup and syncronization
Activate on Workstation OS
Activate on Server OS
OS Support Compatibility Windows Workstation
Linux Workstation
Windows Server
MAC OS X Server
UNIX/Linux Server
Cross-platform; Supports all Workstation and Server OS
Backup & Synchroniation
Physical Systems
Virtual machines
Big Data
Protocols & Storage
Network Features:
Local File System, Network Shares, NAS/SAN Devices, Media Devices, WinMobile
FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, GoodSync Connect
Cloud Storage:
Amazon S3, Google Drive, Windows Azure, SkyDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneDrive Pro, Office365, Amazon Cloud Drive, One File
Advanced Features
Real Time Backup & Syncronization
Bandwidth Throttling
ACL Transfer
Integration with Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)
Block-Level Transfer
Unattended Service
Inbound Connections 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Centralized Management
Zero User Interaction
Active directory and SQL Server Authentication
Centralized User Management
Advanced Reporting
Quick Navigation;

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