SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8

Better, Smarter, Faster Translations!

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 is the only comprehensive on-premise solution able to meet the full range of translation needs on an enterprise scale.

Powered by SYSTRAN’s new-generation hybrid machine translation (MT) engine, it combines the best attributes of rule-based and statistical machine translation.

The net result is SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8, which meets corporate expectations for heightened quality, enhanced collaboration, cost-effectiveness and productivity.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 helps turn multilingual information into reusable knowledge, a key to succeeding in today’s global market.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 helps in-house and freelance translators produce more consistent translations and increase productivity to reduce the total cost of translation and localization projects.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 has three components : SYSTRAN Translation Server, SYSTRAN Training Server and SYSTRAN Application Packs.

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 is available in three editions – Workgroup, Standard and Global – suited for the business needs of small, midsized, and larger platforms.

What’s new?

SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8 offers you more:

Languages and combinations

Accurate translation

Intuitive business tools

Translation-productivity Tools

Scalability, availability, security

Integration possibilities

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