Indigo Rose AutoPlay Media Studio

AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5

Rapidly Create Everything from AutoPlay Menus to Complete Windows Apps

AutoPlay Media Studio delivers on the promise of rapid application development. It’s perfect for making anything from autoplay CD/DVD/USB menus and utilities to games and interactive multimedia applications – complete with web interaction, database connectivity, video playback and much more.

•Software Creation that’s Drag and Drop Easy

•Visual Software Development for Windows

•20+ Visual Objects = Rapid Software Development

•Easy Scripting Language with 865+ Built-in Actions

•Expandable with AutoPlay Plugins and Addons

•Not Just Dependable: Battle Hardened

•Windows 10 Ready!

Easy To Use. No Training Needed

This easy-to-use software development tool allows you to create your own custom software in a visual drag and drop workspace. Make anything from CD/DVD/USB autorun menus and interactive presentations to complete multimedia software programs – quickly and easily! Simply drag and drop to create amazing Windows software applications.

The Original! Trusted Since 1997

Since 1997 we have been the autorun menu and rapid application builder of choice for thousands of software developers worldwide. With millions of autorun menus and applications distributed, you simply cannot find a more robust and well tested tool in this category than Autoplay Media Studio.

Drag and Drop Development

Quickly turn your ideas into fully functioning applications. With a wide range of actions and objects to choose from, all the most popular functionality is right at your fingertips. Simply drag and drop to visually build your app!

Powerful Scripting System

Users without any coding experience can simply click to add actions from the library to build up functionality, from basic screen controls to advanced operating system commands. Advanced coders will instantly feel at home hand coding in the familiar Lua-based environment.

Target Any Version of Windows

From Windows XP right up to Windows 10, we’ve got you covered. You can be completely confident that your applications and menus are fully compatible. There’s no worrying about operating system compatibility or runtime issues. Just click and go!

Licensing That Makes Sense

As developers ourselves, we understand the challenges you face. Our objective was to keep the costs of single-user licenses low enough for individuals to afford, yet provide deep enough multi-user discounts to make sense for full development teams.


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