ApexSQL Data Diff

SQL Server data compare

Compare and synchronize SQL Server database data

?Compare data in live DBs, backups and SC projects

?Perform row level recovery without restoring

?Community, Standard, and Professional editions

?Compare huge databases quickly and without errors

?Automate and schedule data migrations

?Initiate database compares directly from SSMS

?Export results to HTML, CSV and Excel

?Create executable installation packages

?Integrate with all popular SC systems e.g. Git, SVN

?Deploy data changes directly from a source control label


Row level recovery from backups

Compare SQL database backups without restoring. Granularly restore data down to the row level

SSMS integration

Compare SQL database data directly from SQL Server Management Studio

Key-independent comparison

Use a custom comparison key to compare data in tables without a primary key or UNIQUE constraints

Object mapping

Compare data in different SQL objects with different names and schemas using object mapping

Data filters

Selectively limit what will be compared and synchronized with data level filtering

Custom script support

Augment the deployment script with your own pre or post synchronization scripts

Extensive configuration options


Export SQL data comparison results to several different types of HTML reports

Data level reports

Create HTML reports showing all data differences between two compared tables

Excel report

Export the comparison results to Excel

Object filter editor

Build complex filters to compare and synchronize specific objects

Repeatable sessions

Save your settings to a project for re-execution of the same session

Native IDE

Use the built in SQL editor to review and edit scripts prior to execution

Source control integration

Including Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, and Team Foundation Server

System requirements

Hardware requirements Dual Core 2.0 GHz CPU

 3 GB memory

 92 MB disk space 

SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and 2005

 Azure SQL Database, SQL Server on Amazon RDS 

Add-in integration SQL Server Management Studio 2016, 2014, or 2012

 You can use full-featured backwards compatible SQL Server Management Studio 2016 for free.  

OS Windows Vista/Server 2008 and above

Required  Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 

Note Native support for the x64 architecture

Native support for Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, and Team Foundation Server


We have fully integrated ApexSQL Diff and ApexSQL Data Diff into our design, integration/ performance testing, and production release SDLC. The ApexSQL tools have tremendously increased our confidence level on the integration of these systems and the veracity of our product release cycles. ApexSQL Data Diff allowed us to proof test the automation of a ETL process against the long standing manual process that was in use in production, and when that system goes into full production, will save our company hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years, and millions in the years to come

William E. Saxon, Jr.

T Consultant - Application Development

Nationwide Better Health


SQL Server editions

      Express ? ? ? ? ?

      Standard  ? ? ? ?

      Enterprise  ? ? ? ?


      Azure SQL Database ? ? ? ? ?

      SQL Server on Amazon RDS ? ? ? ? ?


      Native or natively compressed database backup   ?  ?

      Source control project and label   ?  ?

      3rd party backup     ?

      Script folder   ?


      Direct execution against database (synchronization) ? ? ? ? ?

      Source control project or label (synchronization)   ?  ?

      SQL script ? ? ? ? ?

      Database installer package (e.g. Executable installer, C# solution)   ?  


      SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) ? ? ? ? ?

Reports and exports

      CSV export ? ? ? ? ?

      Excel export ? ? ?  

      HTML report ? ? ?  

      XML export

General features

      Custom comparison keys for tables without PK or Unique constraints ? ? ?? ?

      Data compare filters ? ? ? ? ?

      Impact analysis e.g. warnings and messages ? ? ? ? ?

      Object mapping ? ? ? ? ?

      Projects ? ? ? ? ?

      Schema mapping ? ? ? ? ?

      Source control integration   ?  ?

      Pre and post synchronization scripts   ?  

Supported source control systems


      Team Foundation Server  





      Command line interface   ?  ?

      Source control label support   ?  ?

      Built in SQL script editor ? ? ?  

      Save project as batch file   ?  

Use cases

      Compare database with source control project   ?  ?

      Compare with SQL database backups without restoring ? ? ? ? ?

      Row level recovery from a database backup


Source control integration

Compare and synchronize databases directly against data in source control projects and labels

New GUI themes

Three new GUI themes: White, Colorful and Dark

Support for Script folder data sources

Compare and synchronize databases directly against scripts in a folder

Save a bundle

ApexSQL Data Diff is included in ApexSQL Developer

?14 ApexSQL developer tools

?Priority support

?1 year free support and upgrades

?New products added for free

?Combined 75% savings

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