redgate NET Developer Bundle

redgate NET Developer Bundle

Save 35%

Fantastic value on our .NET development tools for performance optimization and debugging

Shipping quality software just got easier

Software quality is a big deal — especially for professional developers and testers

So we're offering the full .NET Developer Bundle for a fraction of the price of the individual tools.

With this bundle of .NET development tools you can:

Release quality software you can be proud of

Ship your application on time

Understand the code you're working with (yours or third-party assemblies)

Standardize performance management across your development team

The .NET Developer Bundle includes these .NET tools

ANTS Performance Profiler Pro

Get a complete picture of your application's performance and find bottlenecks in the code or database.

ANTS Memory Profiler

Find memory leaks within minutes and optimize the memory usage of your C# and VB.NET code.


.NET Reflector VSPro

Understand and debug any 3rd party code, including frameworks, components, and libraries.

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