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PowerDirector 威力导演

PowerDirector offers a unique combination of high-end performance and advanced editing features. It's remarkably easy to use, making video editing accessible to creators of all skill levels, and a huge selection of customizable design tools, including unique alpha transitions, animated titles, particles and PiP objects, provide the freedom to explore creativity and reflect it in unique video creations.

Remarkably Easy to Use

When it comes to intuitive movie making, nothing beats PowerDirector's elegant design, crafted to make the creative process instinctive and natural.

Intuitive Design Flow

At the core of PowerDirector's famed ease-of-use is a design that bridges the gap between what you know how to do, and what you want to do—a design that trains you, but in a completely natural, unobtrusive way.

Vertical Video 

With so much video now being shot vertically on mobiles, PowerDirector has added a new design mode that lets you upload mobile video for YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo by getting rid of those empty black bars.

Express Projects

Express Projects is the fast, easy way for any video maker to quickly create professional-quality videos.

Step 1

Open Express Projects from the PowerDirector launcher and import you videos.

Step 2

Drag and drop the clips you want into the beginning, middle and end segments of the project.

Step 3

Produce your video and share it instantly with friends and family on social media.

Total 360º Video Editing 

PowerDirector makes it easy to create spectacular new 360º videos using the same intuitive design tools you know and love. It's a whole new perspective on movie making.

Project Support

PowerDirector now supports complete end-to-end 360-degree video editing. Import equirectangular footage, create a 360 project, edit with a full range of design tools, then export in 360 format.

Full 360º Editing Toolkit

Editing in 360-degrees opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Add titles and effects for viewers to discover as they explore your creation. Experiment with transitions, animated objects and more!

True360 View Designer

View Designer is a unique PowerDirector innovation that enables you to use 360-degree video footage in standard video projects. It's like you've filmed a scene with multiple cameras from multiple angles.

True360 View Designer

View Designer is a unique PowerDirector innovation that enables you to use 360-degree video footage in standard video projects. It's like you've filmed a scene with multiple cameras from multiple angles.

TrueVelocity 6 

The new TrueVelocity 6 rendering engine is a 64-bit powerhouse offering smoother previewing and significantly faster production than other consumer video editing software.

Leading Video Formats

Enjoy the latest and greatest formats and codecs like 4K UltraHD, AVCHD 3D/Progressive, XAVC-S and H.265.

High Frame Rate Video Editor

  • Import 120/240fps slow motion footage from your iPhone, GoPro or other action sports cameras
  • Add titles or effects, and use the new Action Camera Center to edit your video
  • Playback your video inside PowerDirector, so that you can preview it stutter-free before you produce
  • Produce and export your high frame rate video fast with hardware accelerated rendering

Orientation SVRT

Smart Video Rendering Technology (SVRT) makes video production faster by analyzing your project and rendering only segments of footage that have been modified regardless of the clips' orientation.

Accelerated Video Production

PowerDirector uses OpenCL acceleration on effects resulting in faster previewing and rendering as well as working with leading hardware designers to optimize performance for onboard and external graphics cards.

Unique Design Tools

Explore your creativity with a powerful collection of uniquely customizable design tools and the flexibility to highlight the very best of your work.

Customizable Design Tools

All the tools you need to quickly and easily add impressive effects to your videos.

Mask Designer 

Apply selective transperancy to text and images to fuse different video clips together and create impressive special effects.

Title Designer

Customize a title’s motion, font size, gradient color, border, blur level, transparency and reflection.

Theme Designer

Overlay animated objects on your videos and use simple transforming tools to create engaging video collages.

Menu Designer

Create fully customizable disc menu layouts, menu structures, font styles and chapter thumbnails.

Motion Tracking

Tracking people or objects in video footage can be a complicated task in other video editing software, but it's easy with PowerDirector.

Transition Designer

Create unique transitions from any image or logo using alpha channel masks to control their shape.

PiP Designer

Overlay animated objects on your videos and use simple transforming tools to create engaging video collages.

MultiCam Designer

Combine and switch between up to four camera shots in one synced video on-the-fly.

Action Camera Center

PowerDirector's new Action Camera Center is a toolkit for every extreme video maker.

  • Create stop-motion video
  • Add zoom and pan effects 
  • Stabilize video
  • Correct fish-eye distortion
  • Apply slow motion
  • Freeze frame, zoom, or 'rock-and-roll' your video
  • Correct color problems

Video Blending

Merge clips on different timeline tracks to create a huge array of eye-catching effects that will bring unique impact to your videos.

True-to-Life Color Enhancement

Get that movie look instantly with rich, cinematic color enhancements to any video footage.

TrueTheater Color

Color Enhancement that intelligently analyzes video footage and optimizes hues and vibrancy, while protecting skin tone from distortion.

Ultimate Video Editing

Take your video productions to the next level with premium effects and professional grade video editing tools.

Premium Plugins and Templates

Ult. Suite


PowerDirector Ultimate also includes several premium effect and template packages to further enrich your video creation.
Bring more cinematic tone to your videos with more 3rd party plug-ins from world-renowned sources such as NewBlueFX, Pixelan and proDAD.




Ultimate Suite
Director Suite


PowerDirector 15 NEW

PhotoDirector 8 NEW

- - -

AudioDirector 7 NEW

- -

ColorDirector 5 NEW

- -

WaveEditor Express


360-degree Video Editing

View Designer NEW

Import, Edit and Produce 360-degree video NEW

Color Correction for 360-degree video NEW

Titles, Transitions & PiP Objects for 360-degree video NEW

Action Camera Center

Stop Motion NEW

Pan & Zoom NEW

Speed Adjustment

Video Stabilizer

Freeze Frame

Correct Distortions (lens, color)

Design Tools

Mask Designer NEW

Video Blending Modes NEW

Motion Tracking ENHANCED

Transition Designer

Theme Designer

Menu Designer

Title Designer ENHANCED


MultiCam Designer

100-track MultiCam Audio Sync

Video Editing and Design Studio Tools

360-degree video import, editing & export NEW

Vertical video import, editing & export NEW

Produce 120/240fps High Frame Rate Video

Express Projects

Apply Video Effects on Titles

Chroma Key

Motion Blur for PiP and Titles

100-track Timeline

Content-aware Editing

TrueTheater Color Enhancements NEW

TrueTheater Stabilizer

One-click Color Presets ENHANCED

Subtitle Room/ Import and Export SRT

Screen Recorder (30fps) with Audio

Productive Interface

Customizable Hotkey

Dual Screen Support

Dockable Preview Window

Full HD Quality Preview

Media Library Search



TrueVelocity 6 NEW

Native 64-bit Support

Multi-GPGPU Acceleration

OpenCL Support


6th Generation Intel Core Processor (Skylake) Optimization

nVidia & Intel H.265 (HEVC) Hardware Encoding

nVidia, Intel & AMD H.265 (HEVC) Hardware Decoding

Supports Intel 6th Core for 4K profiles

Intel QuickSync Video

AMD 2nd Gen APU Optimization

Format Support

2K Export/Import

4K Import/Export

XAVC-S Import/Export

H.265 (HEVC) Import/Export

H.264 Import/Export

AVCHD 3D/Progressive

Import, Edit and Produce 120/240fps Video

FLAC Audio Support

.AAC Audio File Support NEW

DTS 5.1 Producer

DVD Authoring

Blu-ray Authoring

AVCHD Disc Authoring

Effects & Templates

Content Pack Essential

Content Pack Premium

Content Pack Premium 2 NEW

Wedding Pack


Holiday Pack 7 NEW


Travel Pack 3 NEW

- -

NewBlue Video Essentials 1

NewBlue Video Essentials 5

- -

NewBlue Video Essentials 6 NEW


NewBlue Video Essentials 7


NewBlue Paint Effect

- - -

NewBlue Titler Pro v1.5 NEW


proDAD Adorage 2 NEW


proDAD Adorage 13 Lite

proDAD VitaScene 2 LE NEW


CyberLink Cloud

CyberLink Cloud Service UNIQUE

25GB/1 year 25GB/1 year 50GB/1 year 50GB/1 year
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