ApexSQL Audit

SQL auditing and compliance

Enterprise level SQL Server auditing with compliance reports

·       Audit all SQL database and security activities

·       Meet compliance requirements e.g. HIPAA, PCI

·       Out-of-the-box and custom Win and Web reporting

·       Securely store audit data in a tamper-evident repository

·       Fully customize all auditing, alerts, and reporting

·       Who, what, where, and when type auditing

·       Deploy on SQL Server Failover Clusters

·       Easily manage auditing on multiple servers



SQL Server activity auditing

Audit all operations performed on yourSQL instances including DML and DDL changes, select statements as well aslogin, user, and permission related activities.





Statement auditing

View any SQL statement that wasexecuted.






Who, what, from where, and when auditing

Find out the name of the login,computer, and application used as well as the time when the activity occurred.






Login auditing

Review failed login attempts.






Security change auditing

Investigate permission, SQL login, user,password, and role changes.




Before-and-after auditing

Audit before and after data for Insert,Update and Delete data operations.





Tamper-evident design

Easily determine if there was anytampering of collected data.







Get notified of data and system eventson specified SQL Server instances, using email notifications and the alerthistory dashboard.






Out-of-the-box reports

Quickly review captured informationleveraging 10+ easy to use built-in reports






Web reports

Define custom reports via a web-basedinterface.






Advanced filter

Set up a powerful expression editor tofilter audited data, reports results, and alert conditions.




A word of congratulations. I think that your suite is some of the best stuff I have ever used. I had to add auditing to an existing SQL Server and your ApexSQL Audit product did that effortlessly and flawlessly. The client loves the solution I am also impressed by your rapid response to issues and feedback. Keep up the good work.


Before and after auditing

Show full audit trail including data as it existed before and after a change

Advanced archive

Choose to archive from specific time: last week, last month, last year or just by specific date

Improved reports

Export reports using CLI. Generate reports from multiple simultaneous data sources.

Save a bundle

ApexSQL Audit is included in ApexSQL DBA

·        8 ApexSQL DBA tools

·        Priority support

·        New products added for free

·        Combined 70% savings

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