AutoScreenRecorder Pro

Record, edit and show! Get the power of an easy-to-use and award winning screen recorder!

AutoScreenRecorder 3 Pro is a powerful and intelligent screen recorder to save you time and boost

productivity. Record anything you see and do on your screen and get it in a video file or Flash movie.

AutoScreenRecorder comes with a number of features including a video editor, that you can deliver high quality video files. As well, AutoScreenRecorder 3 offers easy-to-use user interface and flexibility for your recording needs. With AutoScreenRecorder, you can record your webcam sessions, favorite games, software operation steps,training demos, videos and movies. The Flash movie can be published to the Web in no time. It's compatible with Windows 7 & 8.


Easy to use, record exactly what you see and do

Redesigned user interface for easy operation.With an array of recording options, combined with Zoombox and adjustable area, you can take any part of the screen precisely in flexible ways.

Time saving smart feature for recording and video editing

Some exciting new features are bundled in AutoScreenRecorder 3. It supports multi-monitor,auto-stop, scheduled recording on any date and time and recurring recording. It offers a new ScreenZoom feature that you can enlarge your screen at any time. A new video editor is available in 3 that you can trim and extract images, sound from them. Also you can re-record your sound to go with your recorded video and re-generate the Flash movie.

High quality & productivity

With a redesigned recording module, AutoScreenRecorder 3 records your screen in an accurate framerate and with minimum interference of what you do on your PC. It offers high quality recording and annotation recording including AutoText, watermarks, & date/time stamps. Recorded video files can be saved to Flash movies and with automatically generated file names. It hooks up Windows sound recorder and movie maker in one click.


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