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Free Your Class From Distractions

Technology in the classroom introduces many tempting distraction. Thanks to Faronics Insight, you can eliminate diversions.Instead of spending your time monitoring, now you can enjoy being back in control of the classroom and focusing on what matters most – learning.

Monitor Classroom Activities

  • Use the classroom monitoring feature to see what the students are doing with a single glance.
  • Keep the students focused in the classroom by blocking access to certain programs or the Internet when class is in session.

  • Use the share student screen option to demonstrate to the class what specific students are doing on a class project.

  • Take a snapshot of the students screen if you happen to catch them using their computer inappropriately.

Promote Collaboration

  • Use the audio, chat, and broadcast features, to communicate in new ways.

  • Promote collaboration and deliver an interactive lesson that keeps students engaged.

  • Sharing your screen or a student’s screen with the rest of the class to give students a hands-on learning experience.

  • Involve students in decision-making with ease using the quick voting tool, and replace the traditional clicker system to get a quick pulse on student understanding.

  • Start lessons faster by instantly launching applications and websites on all student workstations at the same time.

See the Whole Picture

  • Monitor student screens, running applications, and Internet history to ensure students are on task.

  • Central management helps to eliminate the headache of managing multiple labs, schools, and networks.

  • Provide remote support to teachers and students alike, minimize lesson disruptions and help classrooms out even in another building.

  • Get more control with the new free Tech Console which includes many basic desktop management tools that help you stay on top of inventory, assets, software updates, security, and even control Faronics Deep Freeze.

Eliminate Distractions

  • No longer need to deal with classroom distractions — such as games, instant messaging, and web surfing — when teaching a class.

  • Insight makes it easy to manage classroom monitor student computers; blank student screens; mute audio; remote into their computers; open, close, block applications and web activity on student workstations.

  • Monitor the running applications and Internet history on classrooms computers to ensure students are on task.

  • Eliminate student access to USB and CD/DVD drives with the click of a button.

Regain Control

  • Regain control of your classroom with Faronics Insight’s ability to educate, assist, monitor, and communicate with an entire class from one central computer.

  • Monitor all user activity and forget about trying to fight distractions. Simply remove them with the ability to limit web, applications, print, and drives.

  • Command attention the second the bell rings, with the ability to blank student screens and lock keyboards/mice, and help in getting classes started eliminating the challenge.

Accelerate Student Learning

  • Allow students to request and receive help directly in their workstation session, allowing teachers to advance through coursework quickly and effectively.

  • Provide one-to-one assistance to students without pausing the lesson or disrupting the rest of the class.

  • Efficiently and effectively interact with students directly through their computers.

  • Real-time communication allows teachers to develop cooperative classrooms where learning is achieved through interaction and collaboration.

Enhance Knowledge Sharing

  • Share Teachers screen with students, or with their supervision, or let students share their screen with other students.

  • Empower instructors with control over educational technology and student attention to foster schools where learning is achieved through interaction and collaboration to strengthen teaching effectiveness.

  • Increase communication efficiency, allowing Teachers to send and collect files, send students messages, and hold classroom votes from one central console allowing to keep classrooms focused and limit the applications and websites that students can access.

Get Advanced Technology without Complexity

  • Simplify learning the user interface that is designed with instructors in mind, which is why it is so intuitive to use.

  • Become familiar with how the software works and the features that are available within just a few minutes of using Faronics Insight.

  • Eliminate the learning curve and network bandwidth requirements which are a fraction of that required by competing products – making Insight extremely popular with IT personnel.

  • Deploy an easy-to-use teaching product that won’t generate help-desk requests or slow network traffic.

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