Splashtop Enterprise

Highly secure high performance remote access to physical and virtual desktops, with Active Directory Integration

Remote Control

Remotely access and control physical desktops and virtual machines.

Remotely wake physical machines that are suspended or off using Wake-on-LAN.

Install the Splashtop Enterprise application on all the mobile devices and computers you want to remote from. Install the Splashtop Streamer on all the physical and virtual computers you want to remotely access. Or optionally configure the Splashtop RDP Connector to allow users to connect to their physical / virtual machines via RDP without having to install a Streamer.

Remotely access virtual machines on any hypervisor (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and others).

Virtual App Delivery

Remotely access virtual applications and desktops hosted within Windows RDS/Terminal Services.

Install the Splashtop Enterprise application on all mobile devices and computers you want to remote from. Configure the Splashtop management and relay gateway, Splashtop Center, to connect mobile users to virtual applications and desktops executing with the Windows RDS/Terminal Services environment.

Splashtop Center will use the RDP protocol to connect directly to those resources. Simply specify the appropriate pathname and you can also select the number of simultaneous sessions, frame rates, resolution, and user access privileges.


High Performance

Splashtop Enterprise uses the same high-performance engine that powers our award-winning consumer and mid-market products used by millions. HD quality, fast connections, and multiple concurrent sessions.

Device Support

Manage your computers from practically any device. Access all of your Windows and Mac computers from any Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android device.



Install the Splashtop Management and Relay Gateway, Splashtop Center, in your DMZ or behind your firewall. Splashtop Center is your management platform and your access and control gateway. All Splashtop endpoints must have access to Splashtop Center to initiate a remote control session.

Remote sessions can be peer to peer across local or routable networks, or bridged through the Splashtop Center for cross network access.

Splashtop Center can be hosted on Windows Server 2008/2012, Windows 7 or Window 8.

Active Directory Integration

For ease of deployment and maintenance, Splashtop can use Active Directory to easily provision user’s accounts and authenticate / authorize each user session request with Active Directory.

Advanced Security

All Splashtop connections are protected with TLS and 256bit AES encryption.

All user id and passwords are encrypted in-flight and at rest.

All connections and management events are logged.

Two factor authentication supported through Radius and RSA.

Global and group policies to enforce password / login behavior, network access, device activation and Streamer behavior.

Supports private SSL certificates for an extra layer of security.

MDM Integration

Splashtop has worked closely with the leading Mobile Device Management vendors to provide a highly secure environment for remote access that is managed by your MDM platform.

Powerful Management

Splashtop Enterprise is a powerful remote access solution that can be installed and configured in less than 20 minutes. Install the Splashtop Enterprise application on devices your users want to remote from and the Streamer on the machines they want to remote to.


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