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FinePrint is a Windows printer driver that saves ink, paper, and time by controlling and enhancing printouts. Some of their features are listed below:




Print Preview: A comprehensive print preview with editing capabilities. Simply add empty pages, delete pages, and rearrange print jobs.


Save Ink: Provides the option to convert color text to black and white and skip the image.


Multi-page printing on one sheet of paper: Print two, four, or eight pages on a sheet of paper.


Watermark, Header, Footer: Watermark, Header Page Options Allows the document to be marked with date, time, system variable, or current text.


Forms and Letterheads: Make e-forms and letterheads easier to create. The Print Preview function displays the contents to be printed before you print, and confirms the correct order.


Consolidate print tasks: Allows multiple documents to be consolidated into one print job. This creates booklets based on Web pages and so on.


File Save: Save the page or task as TIFF, JPEG, BMP, Text and FP.


Support clipboard: All printout text, bitmap or metafile can be copied to the clipboard. Any output text can be extracted into a file for searching, or other applications.


Support for two-sided printing: support for the use of all documents and printers to make booklets and two-sided printing. Printing all documents to a booklet is easier to read and carry. Duplexing reduces paper by half, reducing travel weight.


Page Scaling: Allows large pages to fit to standard page sizes, such as Letter or A4.


Adjustable Margin: By using the largest printable area, adjusting the margins increases the size of the text and makes it easier to read.


Gutter support: Provides the gutter space for document stapling.


Multiple FinePrint Printers:


Multiple FinePrint printers can be created. For example, you can have a "Booklet Printer" or "Letterhead Printer" that automatically prints a booklet without the FinePrint dialog box, which prints your letterhead directly.


Simple Server Deployment: Installed as a shared printer on a server for group and enterprise deployments.




Universal print previewer.

Delete unwanted pages

Convert to grayscale

Lighten content to save ink

Remove blank pages

Crop pages

Edit text

Remove unwanted text and images

Print multiple pages on a single sheet

Print electronic letterhead

Archive print jobs



Upgrading to FinePrint 8

FinePrint 8 highlights:


added thumbnail mode with drag/drop page rearrange

enhanced crop function to crop all pages

improved ability to add blank pages

expanded signature/initial function with new Notes feature

added paper sizes change directly from bottom status bar

improved memory management for large batch jobs

improved functions for moving/sizing text

Upgrading to FinePrint 8



Download and install FinePrint 8

Print a document to FinePrint 8. When the About dialog box appears, click the Upgrade button and proceed with the upgrade purchase.

Uninstall FinePrint 7


FinePrint Server Edition


Why choose server edition

The server edition (SE) product provides the following benefits beyond the workstation version:


1. Centralized licensing management

2. Centralized configuration

3. Centralized updates

4. Support for terminal server/Citrix based applications


License management

SE provides license management and monitoring to ensure compliance with internal standards. The Licensing tab

contains the license management tools and is accessible to any logged in user with administrative privileges.


The license management tools are accessed from the Licensing tab, as follows:


open the Printers folder on the server

right-click on the SE printer and select Printing Preferences

The Licensing tab is accessible from a client workstation without administrative privileges by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting the Printing Preferences in the Printers folder.


Server edition licensing

Elements of Server Edition Licensing:


A license must be purchased for each user that accesses Server Edition (SE) through the network.

The licensing is not concurrent.

A single user may access SE installed on multiple servers with a single SE license.

All licenses related to server use are server edition licenses. Do not purchase a server license for the server and workstation licenses for workstations.

Trial mode is not permitted for any commercial purposes.  It is intended for evaluation purposes only.  This applies to workstation licensing also.



if 8 different users (defined by unique usernames) will access SE on the network, purchase 8 server edition licenses regardless of whether the 8 users will access SE at different times or concurrently.

if you have 20 users on your network but only 8 of them will use SE, purchase 8 server edition licenses.

if you have 8 terminal server/citrix users using a single or multiple servers, purchase 8 server edition licenses.


System Requirements

Server requirements:


Windows 2012 Server & R2, 2008 Server & R2,

Microsoft Networking with printer sharing

Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame are fully supported in both desktop and single application sessions

Client requirements:


Windows 8, 7, Vista,, XP, 2000

Microsoft Networking with printer sharing


Server Installation Details

To install on a server:


download the SE executable file to your Windows server

launch the executable file to begin the installation. Admin access to the server is required.

Note: when installing in a Citrix or Terminal Server environment, it is not necessary to put the Terminal Server into INSTALL mode. The SE installer will do it automatically if required.


Installing SE on a server does the following:


installs the SE printer on the server and creates a printer share which clients can access

installs the full product for use on the server itself

To install on multiple servers:


Install on each server

On any one of the servers, access the Licensing tab and click Configure. Type the server names where SE is installed. Doing so allows a user to connect to any of the servers using a single license.

Client installation details

Once SE is installed on the server, clients may install the SE printer using the Add Printer Wizard on the client computer. Terminal Server clients will automatically be able to use the SE printer since they will inherit the SE printer from the server itself.


The command line can also be used for silent installation on workstations:


FinePrint 8: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /n\\SERVER\fineprt8

pdfFactory 5: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /n\\SERVER\pdffact5


Command line uninstallation:


FinePrint 8: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /dn /n\\SERVER\fineprt8

pdfFactory 5: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /dn /n\\SERVER\pdffact5


Note: Starting with Windows Vista, admin privileges are required in order to install or update printer drivers.  A non-administrative user will be prompted to provide administrative credentials when connecting to a shared FinePrint or pdfFactory printer, or whenever a new minor version of FinePrint or pdfFactory is installed on the server.


It is possible to configure the client PC so that non-admin users can install and update printer drivers.  This can be done in a group policy.  This procedure must be performed on each client PC, by a user with administrative privileges.


– start the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc)


– in the left pane, navigate to the following section

Local Computer Policy

   Computer Configuration

      Administrative Templates



– in the right pane, edit the setting “Point and Print Restrictions”

        – enable the setting

        – set “When installing drivers for a new connection” to “Do not show warning or elevation prompt”

        – set “When updating drivers for an existing connection” to “Do not show warning or elevation prompt”


– in the left pane, navigate to the following setting

Local Computer Policy

   Computer Configuration

      Administrative Templates


            Driver Installation


– in the right pane, edit the setting “Allow non-administrators to install drivers for these device setup classes”

        – enable the setting

        – click “Show…” and add device class {4D36E979-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} to the list





pdfFactory Pro

print to paper

create PDF


secure documents


send via email


live URL links


advanced doc info control



create bookmarks and TOC



PDF/A-1b archiving support



works with all applications and printers

combine documents

delete unwanted pages

add watermarks and stamps


convert to grayscale


print on electronic letterheads/forms


multi-up printing



duplex printing



remove graphics



copy, highlight, redact text


remove, copy, save specific graphics


add borders



control margins



create booklets



save as TIFF, JPEG



archive print jobs



text notes




snapshot tool



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