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If you are looking for a secure SSH/telnet/rlogin client, SecureNetTerm has the tools you need to protect your company and your data from prying eyes.

SecureNetTerm is a fully functional user friendly windows based client/server application designed to interface with telnet, telnet-TLS/SSL, rlogin, and SSH servers located on UNIX style hosts.  SecureNetTerm builds upon the popular and proven NetTerm by adding secure authentication and encryption. The software supports open source encryption software including Kerberos, SRP, OpenSSL, and OpenSSH.

Installation and setup is simple. With SecureNetTerm your transition from an insecure telnet environment to a secure telnet/ssh environment is easy, and in most cases transparent to the user.

SecureNetTerm includes support for a windows based SSH key agent, SecureKeyAgent, supporting both disk and Smart Card/USB tokens, public/private keys, as well as PKI certificates.  SecureKeyAgent uses state-of-the-art hardware and software integration to ensure that the person accessing your confidential data is authorized, legitimate, and securely connected. SecureKeyAgent has been tested with the Aladdin eToken, RainBow iKey 2000 series, the GemPlus smart card and the Sony FIU-810 fingerprint/PKI token.

SecureNetTerm supports the SSH authentication methods of password, public/private key, Kerberos 5, S/Key, OPIE,hostbased and GSI-GSSAPI.  The GSI-GSSAPI method supports the mechanisms of Kerberos 5 external-keyx, Globus gssapi external-keyx, gssapi, and gssapi-with-mic.  The gssapi external-keyx mechanism allows the userid to be determined by the SSH server using the users proxy certificate and the Globus grid-mapfile.  The Kerberos 5 support is provided by the standard MIT software distribution. 

CAC Smart CardsIn addition to the authentications listed above, SecureNetTerm fully supports X509 certificate authentication, including user and host certificates. The SecureNetTerm certificate support has been certified to work with the OpenSSH server, modified by the X.509 patch available from Roumen Petrov and the Tectia 6 servers. Certificate based host keys are verified using standard certificate revocation (CRL) methods including support for LDAP and OCSP responders. The standard SSH known_hosts files can be elimated by the use of a user specified certificate pattern, which the server certificate must meet in order to be accepted. In addition to the internal revocation support, SecureNetTerm also allows the selection of the standard Microsoft revocation process. This allows those companies that have their own LDAP/OCSP responder plugins to the Microsoft cryptoapi to be utilized.

SecureNetTerm also supports the Homeland Security HSPD-12 PIV and the Department of Defense CAC smart cards for SSH certificate authentication. SecureNetTerm intefaces with the ActivClient 6.2 CSP provider, the Windows 7 / Windows 8 internal PIV/CAC cryptographic service provider and the windows based open-source CoolKey CSP.

SecureNetTerm supports advanced SSL/TLS telnet servers which provide advanced authentication methods as well as secure encrypted data channels. Governments worldwide are now requiring financial and health care data to be protected by these advanced authentication and encryption methods. SecureNetTerm is being used by healh related organizations that use the InterSystems Caché post-relational database system to provide these secure communications methods.

FTP Transfer Display SecureNetTerm includes a fully functional SFTP secure file transfer client.  The SFTP client can be activated from the SecureNetTerm toolbar and provides for complete secure file transfers between the host and the workstation. Click Thumbnail for Larger Image

SecureNetTerm also supports complete FTP port forwarding for all FTP clients that support passive (PASV) data connections. Both the command and data channels are encrypted and under the complete control of SSH.  SecureNetTerm provides terminal emulation of VT-52, VT-100, VT-102, VT-220, VT-320, ANSI,ANSI-BBS, SCO-ANSI, QNX-2, IBM-3101, IBM-3151, IBM-3161 , IBM-3163, IBM FTTERM, Televideo 925, Wyse 50/60, and the Nixdolf BA-80.


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