ADShareIt Flash to Video Converter lite

Flash to Video Converter Lite

Adobe Flash (SWF / FLV / F4V) to video solution for Designer / Desktop!

A Handy Designer Tool can convert Adobe Flash (SWF / FLV) to AVI, MP4, WMV / ASF, OGV, MOV, FLV, 3GP / 3GP2 files or VCD/SVCD/ DVD compatible MPEG files with excellent output quality for playback on kinds of portable devices, such as iPod, iPhone, cell phone, Quicktime, Media Player, Zune, etc. It enables you to convert Flash to video which includes action scripts(AS1, AS2 and AS3), movie clips and audio.

Key Features

Precisely synchronized audio and video. No need to test playback performance before start conversion.

Simultaneously capture / compress audio and video. Capture audio and video at the same time instead of recording the audio and then capturing the video. No need to compress the audio and video data after capture.


Unique Features     

         Support new features of Flash Player 10.x and Flash Player 11.

         Support Multi-Instance-Conversion, allow you to execute several conversions at the same time.

         No need to test playback performance, our original self-adaptive-algorithm can make sure every conversion's result is correct.

         Convert audio and video synchronously instead of recording the audio then converting the video.

         No need to compress the audio and video data after conversion, conversion and compression at the same time, no secondary conversion.

Common Features 

         Convert SWF to AVI (Uncompressed AVI, DivX, Xvid, x264, msmpeg4v2, msmpeg4v1, yuvhuff, ffvhuff, ffv1...).

         Convert SWF to VCD / SVCD / DVD compatible MPEG1 / MPEG2 files, ready for burning.

         Convert SWF to MPEG4 (Xvid, Mpeg4, x264).

         Convert SWF to WMV / ASF.

         Convert SWF to OGV (ogg / Theora+Vorbis).

         Convert SWF to FLV.

         Convert SWF to MOV (Xvid, Mpeg4, x264).

         Convert SWF to 3GP / 3GP2.

         Convert SWF to Animated GIF, so that you can create GIF Animation using FLASH CS, Flex, Flash Builder and SWish.

         Convert to BMP / PNG / TGA / TIF / PCX / GIF / JPEG images sequence, BMP / PNG / TGA and TIF with alpha channel.

         No skip frames during conversion.

         Convert movie clips and action scripts (AS1, AS2 and AS3).

         Support multiple conversion modes:  AlwaysForward  Interactive

         Support "Aspect Ratio" for all export format.

         Support all Flash SWF / FLV / F4V version.

         Support compressed Flash movie.

         Support EXE Flash movie.

         Cool and easy to use interface.

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