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Softerra LDAP Administrator is the industry-leading software product for browsing and managing LDAP directories. It provides a wide variety of features essential for those involved in LDAP development, deployment and administration of directories. Most of these newly implemented functions are really unique and unprecedented - to date there is nothing to match their efficiency in the existing LDAP software packages. The main goal pursued by the LDAP Administrator development team is to deliver a powerful, integrated yet easy-to-use tool capable of working with any LDAP server.


Softerra LDAP AdministratorTM is an easy-to-use LDAP administration tool designed to work with almost any LDAP server including Active Directory, Novell Directory Services, Netscape/iPlanet, etc. Softerra LDAP AdministratorTM significantly simplifies management of LDAP directories providing advanced directory search facilities, bulk update operations, group membership management facilities, etc. Customizable directory reports equip administrative personnel with information necessary for effective monitoring and audit. Directory data can be exported and imported in LDIF, CSV, DSML1, DSML2 and other formats. LDAP-SQL support allows managing LDAP entries using SQL-like syntax and performing LDAP operations that cannot be executed via standard LDAP means.

What's New?

For LDAP Administrator 2015.2, we've focused around user interface and usability improvements to make LDAP directory management easier and more intuitive. Special attention has been paid to long-running operations and operations on multiple objects.

New Chips Editor

With the new Chips Editor, inserting the DN of a directory object has been made much easier. Instead of locating an object manually in the directory tree, now you can quickly find it by name or even by a part of the name.


Tracking Operations on Multiple Objects

The user experience for executing long-running and bulk operations has been improved significantly. Now, when performing operations on multiple objects, you can track the status of each operation, see which objects were processed successfully, which were not, and why.



Renaming Multiple Objects

Following multiple requests from our customers, starting from the new version, LDAP Administrator allows renaming multiple objects with one operation. In addition, you can generate a unique name for each object using value references.



Recent Documents

Now, you can quickly access recently opened LDIF documents directly from the Windows taskbar.


Operation Progress in Windows Taskbar

Starting from the new version, the status of long-running operations is displayed in the Windows taskbar so that you can track them even when the LDAP Administrator window is not active.



Copy/Paste as HEX for Binary Editor

From now on, you can copy and paste binary values as HEX strings in the Binary Editor.


Other Improvements

We are always committed to make our application more stable, bug free and responsive. Since the last release we have implemented a lot of enhancements and bugfixes which are not visible at first glance, however they make the use of LDAP Administrator more streamlined and stable than ever.

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