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ActiveReports report control V11 SP1 officially released!

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ActiveReports report control V11 SP1 officially released! There is no need to use code, the ActiveReports report control...

ActiveReports report control V11 SP1 officially released!

There is no need to use code, the ActiveReports report control can meet 6 major business needs.

V11 is a significant update in the history of ActiveReports reporting controls, which was released worldwide at the end of 2016, including more efficient reporting engines, more data source format support, Excel file import, multiple Y-axis combination charts, etc. These will improve the efficiency of reporting in software system for developers.

The release of V11 SP1, charting features, multi-data source support, and performance in the HTML5Viewer have been enhanced.

ActiveReports V11 SP1 new features

Enhanced features based on HTML5Viewer

• The report supports paging (print preview) and non-paging (data viewing)

• Upgrade the HTML5 rendering engine, the table class layout to the table edge shows the same thickness, strict alignment, the entire layout will be more neat

• Freeze rows, tables, and mats, support row and column head freeze operations, making it easier to read data when a large data report is not displayed

Chart function enhancement

• Support for multiple Y-axis combination chart types, with the same chart which can display bar charts, line graphs, area maps, etc.

• Add three sets of report skin styles, light colors, brilliant colors and steady color to suit the performance of reports in different business scenarios

• The chart supports the mouse prompt function, the mouse is suspended on the icon to display the icon data, the interaction is stronger

• Graphs are SVG display, clearer, support for non-distorted scaling operations, making it easier to implement adaptive operations based on the size of the target device resolution

Multi-data source support

In the same report which can connect data from the SQL Server, Oracle, JSON and other different sources, it won’t be difficult for you to execute query across the different data sources.

Support more data source types

• JSON data source support, can be directly connected to WebService

• CSV support

• Enhanced support for XML

Improved Performance

B / S system runs faster, the load time of mobile end report is shorter

More comprehensive improvement

• enhanced QRCode two-dimensional code

• enhanced table control function

The development environment supports the latest version of VS2017

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