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JetBrains 2017.1 release!

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JetBrains 2017.1 release! The new version is10% off! From April 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017 1.IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA ...

JetBrains 2017.1 release!


The new version is10% off!

From April 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017

1.IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1--- the most comprehensive Java integrator is officially released!


The IDE supports the latest version of JDK 9, which helps to import projects and provide coding help when editing module declarations; built-in checks verify module declarations and provide quick fixes to adjust project dependencies as necessary; if you Decide to try Java 9 with IntelliJ IDEA, make sure to use the latest JDK.


The first major update this year, WebStorm 2017.1 is now available!

Highlights include:

• Support for Vue.js: Code accessibility for Vue template language; Completion of Vue component and automatic import function

• Integrate Jest: Run the Jest test in the IDE and view the test results

• Support for standard styles and multiple new code styles Options: Use semicolons and commas to end, reference styles, import sorting, etc.

• Automatically increase import for React components

• Provide completion assistance for modules in package.json; TSLint provides quick fix; support for Angular language services; new module dependency graphs; test status icons in editors; emoticons in editors.

3. PhpStorm

Supporting for PHPUnit 6, JetBrains PhpStorm 2017.1 latest version has been released!

PhpStorm 2017.1 new features:

Experience the development of the new version of PhpStorm in 2017.

Support Codeception test framework, support PHPUnit 6, blade (Blade) support improvements

Other improvements:

• Drag'n'Drop to / remote host to copy files instead of moving

• Support for function / constant / namespace aliases in unused imports

• Emoticons are supported in the editor

• Automatically import for the React component

• New type and jump to type source operation from the Debugger variable view

• Ignore import and formatting options in the Differences dialog box

 4. PyCharm

Six questions and answers about PyCharm 2017.1

1). Question:

I do not think there is such a big change

Python 3.6 project is 40 times faster

I have pycharm 2016.3 and this version is installed, the debug start time seems to be the same. While running. Is it because my project is small?


Yes, you may not see the differences, if your item is too small.

Soon after the release, we will be published with the developer interview post, the implementation of these details to speed up the interpretation of all. What kind of situation is affected?

2). Question:

Before using editor.zero.latency.typing = true in the idea.properties file, isn’t the previous delay type available?


Yes, it is available before idea.property changes. Zero-delay typing is proved to be valid, so now we enable it by default. The function itself has some modification improvements.

3). Question:

Does PyCharm have the option to enable the Time Tracker plugin?


We will consider adding the time tracking plugin to our next version. We will launch a vote for this.

4) Question:

If I had a run docker container, I would like to use the latest version of pycharm. Can I configure my project to a currently installed python interpreter that is already installed in the running docker container? It seems that I have run a new container for this.

Thank you.



Please refer to this article, the Linux section.

Select the JDK version that the IDE will run

5) Question:

Is it applicable to Linux PyCharm? Has PyCharm for Linux already attached a bundled custom version of JRE? If so, from which version? If not, will it happen soon?


PyCharm for Linux has provided multiple versions of custom JRE, and you can use custom JRE in version 2016.

5. RubyMine

Improve your ability

Use the Smart Editor to work faster

Find your way

Test and debug

Enjoy the fine adjustment of the work area

Manage your project environment

New features of RubyMine 2017.1:

Support Docker

Support RuboCop  

RVM gemsets

6. CLion

A powerful tool for a powerful language

Smart C and C ++ editors


Code generation


Instant code analysis

Integrated debugger

Inline variable view

View and variable views

Evaluate expression

7. DataGrip

You will like to use the database

Intelligent Query Console

Efficient mode navigation

Explain the plan

Smart code is complete

Instant analysis and quick fix

Reconstruction of work in SQL files and models

Version control integration

8. ReSharper

ReSharper new features


ReSharper 2017.1 provides the best support for Visual Studio 2017 RTM. It brings new C # 7 checking and quick fix functions. It supports .NET core unit testing in VS2017 and introduces many code format improvements, including initial EditorConfig. Changes also include navigation and search updates, fully support TypeScript 2.1, and initial support for TypeScript 2.2 and Angular 2.

ReSharper 2017.1

Support Visual Studio 2017 RTM

C # 7 support

unit test

EditorConfig support

Code cleanup and formatting improvements

New C # code styles and formatting options

Navigation and search

Angular 2 template syntax

Support for TypeScript and JavaScript

Code analysis

ReSharper C ++ Update (Ultimate)

Command line analyzer (Ultimate)

Configuration file running application drag and drop (Ultimate)

9. YouTrack

Based on time tracking search

Agile board attachments

LDAP is bound to a fixed account

Permanent access token

Certificate management


Modify the access tab

Prohibit user description

Enhanced authentication module

10. Upsource


Upsource 2017.1 new features

Introduces cross-project full-text search, revised review pages, review progress, browser notifications, rebase support, basic GitLab support, new workflows and more.

Cross-project full-text search

Review the suggestions in the revision list

Review progress

Browser notification

Review the merge status on the page

rebase support

New code review workflow

Initial GitLab support

Docker support


Edit comment page

Redesign management area

Enhanced user profile

Android Studio, Advanced Gradient Settings

Supports Gradle properties and Gradle init scripts

Android Studio

New query help option

Improved custom workflow

Fira code

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