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A data exchange plugin which creates Native AutoCAD Blocks from SolidWorks Parts and Assemblies.

A data exchange plugin which creates Native AutoCAD Blocks from SolidWorks Parts and Assemblies.


How to Export SolidWorks models to AutoCAD? ?

The Multi-CAD collaboration is facing multiple challenges. The BIMDeX Data Exchange Ecosystem through its proprietary BXF file format offers a simple yet intuitive solution for the Interoperability challenges.?


SolidWorks to AutoCAD data Exporter/Converter is a simple way of data exchange through plug-in/add-on tool which creates native AutoCAD blocks (.dwg) from SolidWorks parts (.sldprt) and assemblies (.sldasm)?

Exports your SolidWorks model into a BXF file using BXF Exporter Plug-in. Which can be Imported in the AutoCAD platform using BXF Importer Plug-in.?

There will be no loss in geometry or any other meta data, all the associated properties would be brought in and the RGB colors as well.

The tool supports various industry specific requirements like geometric simplification, parameter data exchange.

Conversion of Designed Date with various customize options. Based on the user's preference.

It comes with multilingual support (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, etc.)?


Supported Version:

SolidWorks: 2015 - 2021

AutoCAD: 2018 - 2022



SolidWorks to AutoCAD Conversion Workflow




SLDPRT & SLDASM file Formats?

Export the SolidWorks Model to BXF file by using BXF Exporter for SolidWorks




BXF file Format?

BXF file would carry all the designed data information of the model.




DWG file Format?

Import the BXF file in AutoCAD using the BIMDeX Importer to obtain native AutoCAD Blocks?



SolidWorks to AutoCAD Conversion Features

Expose SolidWorks platform into the BIM environment with easy transfer of SolidWorks model to AutoCAD, other BIM and mechanical software. Control and safe data transfer.



Part And Assembly Conversion To AutoCAD Blocks

Convert all your SolidWorks parts and assemblies to native AutoCAD blocks and nested blocks.


Configuration Specific Export

Export based on your desired configuration and coordinate system to obtain the required orientation inside AutoCAD.


Parameters And Materials

Export models with parameter and material information and choose only the properties you want to share to protect your proprietary information.


Better Geometry And Metadata

Obtain non-triangulated solid geometry. Instantiate your parts and maintain the heirarchy inside AutoCAD. Transfer all colours and properties as well.


More Than Just An Import

Tool have option to import using various import types to maintain model hierarchy & ignore applied materials in AutoCAD.


Easy Operation

Make use of various features to simplify your models with the user-friendly interface combined with easy operation to assist novice and experienced designers alike


Choose Your subscription plan

Whether you are a company of 10 or 10,000 employees, our specially designed packages give you the right tools to reach your goals.




Stand Alone License

Single user

Unlimited conversions

Annual Subscription License

24/5 Customer Support




Network Floating License

Starts from 5 Users

Unlimited conversions

Annual Subscription License

24/5 Dedicated Technical Personnel


Frequently asked questions


What file types are supported?

All SolidWorks Parts (.sldprt) and Assemblies (.sldasm) can be converted to AutoCAD Blocks (.DWG)


What type of models can I convert?

Any model type such as Furniture, Lighting, HVAC, MEP Elements, Structural or Architectural components can be converted.


What languages do you support?

The tool works in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish environments.


Do I need to have both SolidWorks and AutoCAD to do the conversion?

You need to have both the software to use the product. But if you do not, you can opt our CAD translation service, so we would convert your SolidWorks models to AutoCAD for you.


Is this a standalone software?

No, this is just an addon plugin tool that will be installed in your existing SolidWorks and AutoCAD environments.


How does this differ from the default .dwg Export?

You can export including the part properties, colors as well as all geometry. There will be no loss in any meta data. The hierarchy will be maintained and components will be instantiated.


What are the license options available?

We offer Annual subscription, Single User Node Locked license, Network Floating license starting from 5 users and enterprise license options.


Is support and maintenance included with the subscription?

Yes, support and maintenance is included with the annual subscription for all our products.

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