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Wolfram|The Wolfram Solution for Chemical Engineering

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The Wolfram Solution for Chemical Engineering Simulate your chemical processes with ready-to-deploy, fully interactive m...

The Wolfram Solution for Chemical Engineering

Simulate your chemical processes with ready-to-deploy, fully interactive models using a combination of powerful computation, statistics and optimization, instant interactivity and built-in chemical data. One system, one integrated workflow.


Underlying the Wolfram chemical engineering solution is the world's most sophisticated differential equation solving with automatic algorithm selection, self-checking precision control and symbolic preprocessing–everything to get accurate results efficiently.


The Wolfram Edge



Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions that let you:


How Wolfram Compares




Does your current tool set have these advantages?


Key Capabilities

Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions for computation, modeling, visualization, development and deployment »


Chemical engineering specific capabilities:

Built-in access to Wolfram|Alpha's extensive data on molecular, physical and thermodynamic properties of thousands of chemical compounds »

Instantly create interactive applications and vary parameters in real time to study multiparameter problems in transport phenomena, reaction engineering, kinetics and more »

Powerful statistical computation, analysis, and optimization routines for experimental data analysis, reaction engineering applications and more »

Easy import and export of process engineering and other data in a wide variety of formats »

Solve highly nonlinear problems in transport phenomena and other areas with built-in arbitrary-precision numerics and automatic precision control »

Estimate the lifetime of mechanical assemblies and components using built-in survival analysis functionality »

Solve differential equations with discontinuities, hybrid discrete/continuous dynamical systems and differential algebraic equations for applications in chemical kinetics, process control and other areas »

Complete functionality for reliability analysis, including importance measures for pinpointing subsystems that help improve system reliability »

Built-in support for more than 4,500 units—including free–form linguistic entry, conversions and dimensional consistency checking across graphics and numeric and symbolic calculations »

Free-form linguistic input produces immediate results without the need for syntax »

Instant connectivity to databases, web services, C/C++, Java and .NET frameworks allows easy access to specialized data and code from a variety of sources »

Load and access dynamic libraries and use built-in support for GPU computation with CUDA or OpenCL for high-speed, memory-efficient execution

Automatic generation of reports with interactive graphics, code and text immediately shared with other chemical engineers or colleagues using Wolfram Player »

Integrated environment for model building, statistical analysis, optimization and generation of interactive reports and applications


Wolfram SystemModeler is the most complete physical modeling and simulation tool for high-fidelity modeling. Capabilities include:

Build models of complex, multidomain systems using simple drag-and-drop of ready-made components »

Design and simulate real-world systems that exhibit rapid changes or discontinuities

Connect seamlessly with Mathematica for the ultimate integrated modeling, simulation and analysis workflow


Organizations Using Wolfram Technologies








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