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Wolfram|The Wolfram Solution for Aerospace Engineering and Defense

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The Wolfram Solution for Aerospace Engineering and Defense Analyze test data, mathematically optimize new aircraft desig...

The Wolfram Solution for Aerospace Engineering and Defense

Analyze test data, mathematically optimize new aircraft designs or prototype aviation systems.


Underlying the Wolfram aerospace engineering and defense solution are advanced symbolic and numeric functions for data analysis, control systems and other calculations, plus interactive 2D and 3D graphics abilities. They all work together in the most automated and reliable computation, development and deployment environment available.



The Wolfram Edge

Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions that let you:


How Wolfram Compares

Does your current tool set have these advantages?


Key Capabilities


Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions for computation, modeling, visualization, development and deployment »

Aerospace engineering and defense specific capabilities:

Efficient and flexible pre- and post-processing of data from satellites, aircraft, spacecraft, sensors or wind tunnel tests, with advanced analysis and statistics features »

Numeric and symbolic differential equation solving with highly optimized superfunctions »

Built-in functionality for designing and analyzing control systems, including models with time delays and algebraic equations »

Automatic tuning of PID controllers »

Integrated wavelet analysis with discrete and continuous transforms and high-level support for thresholding and other operations »

Built-in stream vector plots to visualize air flow, plus advanced 2D and 3D graphics for data visualization

Industrial-strength image processing and analysis capabilities for satellite imagery »

Complete functionality for reliability analysis, including importance measures for pinpointing subsystems that help improve system reliability »

Built-in support for more than 4,500 units—including free-form linguistic entry, conversions and dimensional consistency checking across graphics and numeric and symbolic calculations »

High-level programming language for efficient prototyping of new aircraft designs »

The Manipulate command for instantly building interactive models »

Symbolic manipulation and optimization of C code and automatic C code generation for immediate use of standalone executables in production systems

Load and access dynamic libraries and use built-in support for GPU computation with CUDA or OpenCL for high-speed, memory-efficient execution

Built-in parallel computing on multicore systems that scales up to a full grid »

Close integration with C/C++ and other languages, databases, Java, .NET and other applications »

Robust support for hassle-free export to various CAD packages, including DXF, STL and ZPR formats »


Wolfram SystemModeler is the most complete physical modeling and simulation tool for high-fidelity modeling. With SystemModeler, you can:

Build models of large multidomain systems using simple drag-and-drop of ready-made components »

Build up complex models in layers with separately testable and reusable subcomponents

Design and simulate real-world systems that exhibit rapid changes or discontinuities »

Connect seamlessly with Mathematica for the ultimate integrated modeling, simulation and analysis workflow


Organizations Using Wolfram Technologies



Consulting Solutions

Enlist the world’s computation experts to help with your project—any size, any level.

At Wolfram, we know what’s possible with computational technology because we are global leaders in creating it. That gives us an unprecedented depth of expertise in applying it to consulting work in a variety of fields. Whether individual or enterprise, from concept to deployment, our computation experts can help you achieve robust results with less time and effort.

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