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What’s Coming Next for UltraEdit, UEStudio, UltraCompare, and Other IDM Products

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What’s Coming Next for UltraEdit, UEStudio, UltraCompare, and Other IDM Products

2021: Bring it!


Our sincere thanks to you


In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA, we'd like to give thanks to you, our customers. Your dedication and loyalty to UltraEdit, and our other products, is essentially why we exist. In fact, everything we do at IDM is in service of our user community. We're also sincerely thankful for each other too. It's amazing to work for a company full of smart, talented people who constitute a high-performance team focused on one thing – making quality software that helps     our users.    

– Rich           



Sync it and send it with all new Cloud options


Sync it!


This year we introduced Cloud Sync beginning with UltraEdit and then extending to our other Windows apps. Cloud Sync allows you to sync your settings, customizations, FTP accounts, scripts and macros, and more across all your instances. An added benefit of Cloud Sync is its ability to restore your apps in the event of a system failure. Because all of your application settings are in the cloud, you always have a backup in the event you need one! Learn more here.



Store and Send It!


We'll soon be launching Pieces for UltraEdit in partnership with the fine folks at Pieces.app, a tech startup specializing in productivity and collaboration tools for developers. Pieces for UltraEdit is a first-in-kind platform to store and share your code snippets, links, notes, files, error messages, and more. Deeply integrated into UltraEdit and our suite of tools, you can right-click on nearly anything in our suite and select "Send to Pieces" to store and share via the cloud. From there, your data can be accessed within UltraEdit, the desktop app, or from any browser. Look for general availability early in 2021!


The excitement never ends! All new versions are coming in 2021


Coming this month: UltraCompare v21


UltraCompare v21 delivers a significant polish to UltraCompare's encoding detection and handling for text mode. Adjust the encoding for the active file, set default encodings, and more. You'll also see full syntax highlighting for JSON and Markdown source files, greater accuracy in larger text file compares, FTP improvements and more.



Coming January 2021: UltraEdit v28 / UEStudio v21


We're excited to announce the next version series for UltraEdit and UEStudio! These versions will feature highly anticipated enhancements to user experience with new save features, new highlight all features, and many more. Plus, we're taking IntelliTips to new levels with supercharged performance and upgraded functionality and auto-completion!            



Coming February 2021: UltraFTP v21


UltraFTP v21 will introduce synchronized browsing allowing you to browse similar folder structures on both the local and remote side at the same time. Additional enhancements include improved compare integration, configuration options, and various other improvements.



Coming February 2021: UltraCompare Mac / Linux v21


We're excited about the upcoming Mac and Linux release of UltraCompare, which will showcase the same level of Git integration available in its Windows counterpart! Interact with your Git repositories and branches directly in UltraCompare, diff versions and states of a file, and easily resolve conflicts with mergetool integration. If you use Git on Mac and Linux, you're going to love this release!            



Coming March 2021: UltraEdit Mac / Linux v21 and UltraFinder v2

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