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Why choose Freshrelease?

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One project management solution for the entire company


Simple yet scalable project management for

One project management solution for the entire company


Why choose Freshrelease?

Better business outcomes

Identify and focus on the key priorities, track performance and address unforeseen risks to create greater value from your initiatives.

Faster delivery 

Improve transparency and collaboration, reduce bottlenecks and run projects in an agile fashion to deliver faster.

Work more effectively

Prioritize work and gain visibility to keep things on track. Unleash the power of automation and save time.


See how Freshrelease can seamlessly integrate with your business software


IT Service desk & Operations

Freshrelease enables IT teams to deliver quality outcomes on time by running key IT initiatives as projects.

With out-of-the-box integration with Freshservice, IT teams can link their incidents, changes or problems to development tasks or IT projects.


Dev & Engineering teams

Adopt any development framework that is right for your unique needs, be it agile, kanban, waterfall, or basic task lists.

Freshrelease is an end-to-end software development suite with built-in features like backlog management, sprints, test case management, release management and many more.



Customer support teams

Deliver moments of WOW to your customers by bringing support and development teams closer.
Freshrelease integrates with Freshdesk which will help your customer support teams track incoming tickets as bugs and stories easily. On the other hand, developers get the complete context of customer issues, so that they can prioritize better and resolve issues faster.


Freshrelease capabilities

Plan, kickoff, execute and deliver projects for teams of all sizes


Works for any team

Whether it’s for software development, marketing product launch or customer onboarding, Freshrelease helps your team stay organized.

Run waterfall, agile or hybrid projects

Adopt any project management framework, be it agile, waterfall or hybrid easily with Freshrelease.

End-to-end software development mode

With inbuilt modules like sprints, backlog, test case, and release management, Freshrelease is a single place to plan, track, test and ship great software.

Collaborate in one place

Freshrelease gives you the ability to communicate anytime and anywhere with your team.

Custom templates

No more starting from scratch. Save your precious time by cloning your existing project as a template or use pre-built templates.


In case you are dumping your "productivity"  tools

We have very simple CSV imports available. We'll set everything up for you in minutes.


Here's why our customers choose us


“The T2 Tea Technology Team was eager to adopt Freshrelease from the moment it was announced. Coupling Freshrelease with the market-leading Freshdesk solution is an optimum fit for T2 Tea and a significant efficiency gain when integrating into our Agile Sprint Management regime.”

Rohan Penman

Global Head of Technology

T2 Tea (Unilever)


“We recommend Freshrelease because it is a single source of truth for all of our development and testing work. We were blown away by the simplicity of the interface.”

Abhijeet Manohar

Head of Engineering


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