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Can CuteFTP Pro be activated offline?

CuteFTP Pro can be activated offline, offline activation as follows:


?CuteFTP Pro offline activation step

1. Complete the registration information as usual

2. Serial number

3. Use the following information to register

? Select the option to send a registration request (even if you can not link to the network, but we still need

Select this option)

1. Ignore all messages that can not find e-mail messages

2. This step is to copy the information to the clipboard (which may appear to be different from the copied information

Kind, but actually the same)

? The next step is to open a text editor, such as Notepad.

? Paste into a new blank text file, this step will put the information from the second step into the file

? The first line should explain some of the mail, please delete

? Save the file and transfer it to a networkable machine

If you can copy from one machine to another machine can also be completed

? Copy the information from the document and paste it into the table in this link:


? Select the Register Me button

? After downloading a file or outputting information from the browser, depending on the browser you are using

If it is in the browser, copy and paste it into a new blank text document

? Make sure this is saved in .reg format and comes to the server

? When the service is not running, right-click the key

? When you open a service and a website, you should be able to register

? Repeat the above steps to register other modules

Because your system can not access the network, so after the fourth step, you need to copy the information to the network and globalscape.com/register form of the system,

To the tenth step, you need to put the .reg file back to the system can not access the network 3. Serv-U can be activated offline?

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