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Enterprise JavaScript Protection and Webpage Monitoring



Enterprise JavaScript Protection and Webpage Monitoring


Code Integrity protects the source code of your application

Resilient JavaScript & Native Code Protection

With Jscrambler’s polymorphic obfuscation, code locks, and runtime protection, attackers won’t be able to reverse engineer, debug or tamper with the code of your web/mobile app.


Robust Countermeasures

When someone tries to debug or tamper with your protected code, Jscrambler’s integrity checks break the application or trigger custom countermeasures to stop the attack.



Webpage Integrity secures your website against malicious behavior

Stop Magecart and Web Supply Chain Attacks

Gain full client-side protection against Web Supply Chain Attacks like Magecart, with real-time detection and mitigation of compromised third-party code and web skimmers.


Full Client-Side Visibility & Control

Monitor and protect your website in real-time against code injections, banking trojans, malicious browser extensions, malvertising, DOM-tampering, and data leakage attempts.


Key Business Benefits

Protect sensitive user data by detecting and blocking client-side data exfiltration attacks like Magecart in real-time.


Improve compliance with regulations such as PSD2, GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA, and standards like ISO 27001 and NIST.


Protect intellectual property and important algorithms that are vital to your competitive advantage by preventing reverse engineering and tampering attempts.


Safeguard revenue streams, by preventing ads and popups that divert your users and hijack the customer journey.



Jscrambler brings cutting-edge protection to Web and mobile hybrid apps


JavaScript Protection

Resilient JavaScript protection for Web and Hybrid apps with polymorphic obfuscation, code locks, and self-defensive capabilities. The protected code is extremely hard to reverse-engineer and prevents debugging/tampering attempts.


Webpage Monitoring

Holistic solution to detect and control malicious client-side behavior in real-time. Provides a complete inventory, as well as a detection live feed and an explorer, for a comprehensive full-scope view of security alerts.


Magecart Mitigation

Behavior-based solution to detect and block web skimming attacks in real-time. Uses customizable fine-grained permission levels to block malicious scripts and suspicious outbound network events that lead to data exfiltration.


Fully Compliant with all the Main Tech Stacks

Easily integrate Jscrambler into your build process with our API. Jscrambler supports major JavaScript frameworks and libraries including Angular, Node, Vue, React, Ionic, and many others.



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