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IXF ActiveX Control: Allows importing/exporting old IBMS/390 DB2 tables to modern relational databases!

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IXF ActiveX Control IXF ActiveX Controlis an ActiveX component that allows to import and export legacy IBM S/390 DB2 ta...

IXF ActiveX Control


IXF ActiveX Control is an ActiveX component that allows to import and export legacy IBM S/390 DB2 tables to/from modern relational database. With this control your OCX enabled development environment (Visual Basic, Access, C++, etc.) can read directly the data coming from mainframes without writing any host-side or special interface programs. It can be used to convert a DB2 database to a new database directly within your application.


Using IXF ActiveX Control you can add the ability to read and write IXF files to your application by simply dropping an IXF ActiveX Control on a form and setting some simple properties using its property pages. IXF ActiveX Control is an invisible control, meaning its only visual appearance during development is the control bitmap (similar to the Common Dialog control) and is completely invisible at run time. You cause the control to perform file operations by issuing methods you desire. Through its IXF file mapping and 'on-the-fly' data conversion, your application does not need to worry about understanding IXF data fields.


IXF ActiveX Control's simple interface makes IXF file conversion a snap. Just specify a source file and a destination database and the control will do the rest. Custom events update the programmer during the conversion process and let him know when a conversion is done. If anything goes wrong, the control raises exceptions so developers can handle the problem with standard error trapping.


IXF ActiveX Control supports DAO 3.60 features and enables you to access data in local or remote databases, including every ODBC compliant data source like Oracle™, InterBase™ or SQL-Server™.



The following is a highlight of some of the major features of IXF ActiveX Control:


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