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New version of SolarWinds - Hybrid IT management platform and new features

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New version of SolarWinds - Hybrid IT management platform and new features We are pleased to announce the launch of the ...

New version of SolarWinds - Hybrid IT management platform and new features

We are pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Hybrid IT management platform through the new release of several SolarWinds products.

PerfStack ™ - IT Pro's dream come true

Our hybrid IT management platform includes our new PerfStack feature, which is part of the Orion platform. IT specialists can now drag and drop any of the Orion's indicators into a dynamic dashboard to identify, isolate, and eliminate mixed IT performance issues in a simple way. Any part of the system - applied to the network, the cloud, or the internal deployment!

The great effort to achieve this release will have a significant impact on your customers and reaffirm our commitment to delivering easy-to-use and innovative products that provide true end-to-end mixed IT management. This blog has done a good discussion of PerfStack's good use case, and we strongly recommend that you read the same content.

Additional new features

In addition to launching PerfStack, we have announced a number of other important updates that cover the Orion platform, unified on-premise and cloud visibility.

• SAM,VMAN:Cloud infrastructure monitoring within SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor (SAM) and Virtualization Manager (VMan) now monitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) instances and storage volumes through the Amazon CloudWatch API to provide more cloud applications and cloud Support their infrastructure.

DPA: Supports the Microsoft®Azure®SQL and AWS Aurora ™ RDS databases in the SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA), enabling database administrators and developers to achieve maximum performance from cloud databases and use multidimensional performance analysis Reduce infrastructure requirements.

• NPM: Supports Cisco®Meraki® (Support for Cisco® Meraki®) wireless access points in the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). The Cisco Meraki (Support for Cisco® Meraki®) wireless access point is 100% cloud management that enables network engineers to focus on configuring network behavior rather than single network components. SolarWinds NPM now offers a powerful tool for monitoring local management and Cisco Meraki cloud management for wireless access points.

• NCM: Supports Cisco IOS (Support for Cisco IOS) firmware upgrade in SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM). This new feature saves the network administrator's time by providing a wizard-driven firmware upgrade interface, rather than a tedious 40 task manual process. NCM v7.4 introduces vulnerability detection, which simplifies the application of the necessary firmware updates to repair vulnerable devices.

Finally, check out some of the good feedback we received from our customers, the media, and industry analysts:

"SolarWinds is trying to make the feeling of exploring the data unlike at work. It sounds good for me!"

---Tech Field Day 13, Thom Greene

"This represents some amazing new technology on the Orion platform that really highlights the new Web backend functionality.

---LinkedIn,Byron Anderson

 "The modern application environment is becoming increasingly complex across a wide range of local infrastructure, public clouds, private clouds, and the above-mentioned combinations. The relevant operational data generated by each puzzle is a quick solution for developers and operators in this new complex environment The problems that arise in the question that is needed are the key.

---451 Research, senior analyst Nancy Gohring

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