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Bunifu UI WinForms:Create stunning

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We’ve got you covered with modern fast user interface controls. Perfect UI tools for WinForms C# and VB.NET app development

Bunifu UI WinForms:Create stunning

UI for WinForms

We’ve got you covered with modern fast user interface controls. Perfect UI tools for WinForms C# and VB.NET app development


No bloated features. Just what you need to build stunning WinForms apps. Simply drag and drop then customize. Voila!


Bunifu UI WinForms custom properties empower software developers to quickly design modern apps.


Many design frameworks are heavy on the system. We have done our best to build Bunifu UI WinForms as lightweight as possible.


Build stunning UI for WinForms

Bring out elegance and style in your craft. Perfect controls for C# and VB.NET

Modern powerful design elements

Whether you are designing a simple UI or needs advanced user interface and user experience controls and components, Bunifu Framework is equipped with all you need to achieve any modern design.


No limits to what you can design




Get feedback from your app with Bunifu Rating




Do less with an enhanced version of the basic Windows Forms Panel control with Bunifu Panel




The fast way to develop multiple views within a form or user control is by using Bunifu pages



Picture Box

Create a circular picture box, sharp corner picture box, or rounded corner picture box with Bunifu Picture Box



Image Button

With Bunifu Image Button, you can quickly add interactivity using animation to your images



Gradient Panel

Add gradient on your form elements at design time or at run time with Bunifu Gradient Panel




All button styles you can think of you design them with Bunifu Button




Bunifu Shapes makes it possible to easily design different types of geometrical shapes



Form Dock

Easily add docking ability to your  borderless forms with Bunifu Form Dock




Up to 13 Bunifu Transitions available for you to add interactivity to your app design




Simply show to rich context notification information using Bunifu Tooltip with events support




Create richer form input experience with Bunifu Textbox features




Design modern sliders for picking values within a range with Bunifu Sliders



Scroll Bars

Easily style scroll bars with Bunifu Scroll Bars  for a great user experience



Color Transition

Add warmth and colour to your state transitions within your app with Bunifu Color Transition



Snack Bar

Bunifu Snack Bar gives you the easiest way to display event-based pop-up messages

Charts & Data Visualization

Simply bring your data to life



Bubble Chart

The simplest way to represent three related variables with respect to their sizes and location on the axis



Doughnut Chart

Quickly show part of a whole among variables using Bunifu Doughnut Chart with interactivity



Polar Area Chart

Represent cyclic trends with ease using Bunifu Polar Area Chart



Scatter Chart

Easily display numerical data whether discrete or continuous with Bunifu Scatter Chart 



Pie Chart

Easily represent parts of a whole using Bunifu Pie Chart with animation



Bar Chart

Easily display your data in a vertical column with Bunifu Bar Chart


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