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inSSIDer & MetaGeek Plus:Power up inSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus

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Power up inSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus.

inSSIDer & MetaGeek Plus


Power up inSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus.

inSSIDer is a powerful WiFi scanning tool within itself. But, inSSIDer with MetaGeek Plus supercharges inSSIDer by enabling snapshots, synching them with your Rampart account, and unlocking Client Traffic Analytics.


See through the noise

Monitor and manage your network

inSSIDer 5, the almighty WiFi scanner becomes even more powerful when you layer on a MetaGeek Plus subscription. Combine WiFi scanning with packet capture and RF spectrum analysis to expertly diagnose issues when things go wrong and proactively manage your WiFi deployments using network snapshots.



Network Snapshots

Picture your environment

When you’re trying to catch a WiFi issue as it happens, it’s difficult to remember the exact state of your wireless environment. Network Snapshots in inSSIDer and Air Viewer make capturing crucial network information as easy as clicking a button, so you can build a picture of your network over time to see on Rampart, click by click.



Get the best view

Rampart is the cloud platform for storing, viewing, and working with WiFi snapshot data. As you build up your snapshot library, Rampart will show you baseline performance of your WiFi and your wireless environment and let you know when things change. If your network is your castle, Rampart is where you stand to get the best view.





Collaborate across sites

You don’t work in a silo, and neither should your apps. MetaGeek Plus Pro lets you share snapshots with your team, see who last updated a Site or Room, and create notes so that everyone working on a network has access to the same information.



Level up your MetaGeek Apps

MetaGeek Plus plans unlock powerful features in the MetaGeek family of apps you already use, like client traffic analysis capability in Air Viewer and snapshot captures in inSSIDer.


Tune up your WiFi with MetaGeek Plus

MetaGeek Plus powers up InSSIDer to shed light on the most common WiFi problems and provides the insights you need to deploy great WiFi. Get access to our next-level packet analysis, so you can find high-utilization devices, catch roaming events, and see signal strength from the client perspective.

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