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Suitcase Fusion 7 & Adobe® Creative Cloud® 2017

The Challenge of Compatibility

Ensuring your design tools work together seamlessly is an ever-present challenge for Graphic Designers, Creative Directors, and any freelance design professional. On any given day, you might see updates from your operating system, your design suite or any number of critical utilities.

The last thing anyone needs is another thing to do.

The Extensis Solution: Eliminate The Compatibility Tail Chase

Extensis Suitcase Fusion 7 completely eliminates compatibility woes by making core platform compatibility – Adobe, Quark, macOS™ or Windows® – central to what we do.

If you can’t manage your fonts you can’t ship your work, and that doesn’t work for anyone. With both Suitcase Fusion 7 you get all new font auto-activation plug-ins for Photoshop®, InDesign®, Illustrator®, InCopy® and After Effects®.

System Requirements

Suitcase Fusion 7


  • Mac OS® v10.9.5 through 10.12

  • Some features require an Internet connection

  • Safari® 7 or the latest release of Firefox® or Chrome™


  • Windows® 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10

  • Microsoft® .NET Framework version 4.0

  • Some features require an Internet connection

  • Internet Explorer® 10 or later, Microsoft Edge, or the latest release of Firefox or Chrome

Supported Applications

Auto-Activation Plug-in and Extensis Font Panel included for these applications:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6, CC 2014, CC 2015 and CC 2017

  • Adobe InDesign CS6, CC 2014, CC 2015 and CC 2017

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC 2014, CC 2015 and CC 2017

Auto-Activation Plug-in included for these applications:

  • Adobe InCopy CS6, CC 2014, CC 2015 and CC 2017

  • Adobe After Effects CC 2015 and CC 2017

  • QuarkXPress 10 and 2015

Your fonts managed well with Suitcase Fusion

There are many challenges in your day – demanding clients, complex projects, impossible deadlines, and more.

Something has got to give.

Let Suitcase Fusion remove your font woes and keep you focused on more important tasks.

Works with your setup

Whatever digital tools you use, Suitcase Fusion is developed and tested to support your professional workflow. Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 and QuarkXPress 2016, we have you covered.

The right font, every time

Font Sense technology built into Suitcase Fusion examines and identifies the unique metrics of each font, guaranteeing that the correct font is always used for a document.

As fonts are added to Suitcase Fusion they are scanned using the patented technology Font Sense that fingerprints each font with a unique identifier. This identifier based on specific font characteristics, is unique to this specific version of a font – wherever it exists. When a font is used in a document, the auto-activation plug-ins record Font Sense data in the document, so the next time the document is opened, the precise fonts required for that document are activated.

The Font Manager Trusted Worldwide

Wherever you work – home studio, coffee shop, or business office – you’ll love Suitcase Fusion. Creative leaders in these organizations are already reaping the benefits of font management software with Suitcase Fusion.


What’s New:

Suitcase Fusion for iOS

You can now use your fonts on iPad and iPhone!

The Suitcase Fusion bundle now includes an app that syncs your font collection to your iOS devices.

Whether you’re using the newest mobile design tools from Adobe, presenting mobile Keynote or PowerPoint presentations, or merely want to write using your favorite fonts, Suitcase Fusion has you covered.

Cloud-connected with TypeSync


Never worry about losing fonts, or transferring them from one machine to another. Save your entire font collection in the cloud, with the Extensis TypeSync cloud service included FREE with Suitcase Fusion 7.

Save your font library in the cloud and it’s then easy to instantaneously synchronize it to another machine. Whether you’re upgrading to a new machine, or simply synchronizing your library to your second installation of Suitcase Fusion (included free with your purchase) TypeSync makes it easy.

Need to quickly synchronize your font library across multiple users? Consider upgrading to Suitcase TeamSync.

Adobe After Effects font auto-activation


Auto-activate fonts in professional design applications

With auto-activation plug-ins, missing fonts are no longer a problem. Work with confidence that the precise fonts required are automatically activated when needed.

Build your font mojo

Preview Fonts


See it before you use it with detailed font previews.

Organize With Sets & Folders


Organize your collection how you see fit.

Eliminate Corrupt Fonts


Corrupt fonts begone! All fonts are scanned for anomalies, ensuring problematic fonts stay out of your work.

Find Your Fonts Fast


Quickly find the fonts that you need.

Fully Integrates Google Fonts


Build an instant font collection with Google Font library connection.

Find Similar Fonts Easily


Search your font collection using any font as a starting place.

So much more to love

Easily Manage Adobe Typekit


Manage Typekit fonts alongside your font collection.

Fontspiration Included


Secure Cloud-Synchronization


Easily sync your valuable collection to the cloud with TypeSync.

Create Mockups Faster


Quickly mock up font usage samples with QuickComp.

Click & Drag Font Previews


Drop previews on the desktop to create Font Snapshot PNG files.

Automate Font Organization


Automatically organize fonts into Smart Sets like smart playlists in iTunes.

Activate Fonts by Application


Automatically activate fonts when applications are opened.

Add Fonts Temporarily


Temporarily add fonts for short-term projects.

Floating Previews


Drag previews off to float over other documents.

Synchronize your team

Need to share your library with multiple users across your team?
Need multiple copies of Suitcase Fusion?
Suitcase TeamSync can solve your team’s font management needs.

  • Synchronize libraries across multiple machines using the TypeSync cloud

  • Manage users easily online

  • No server hardware required

  • Use the same, reliable, Suitcase Fusion app as your font manager

  • Automatic software upgrades included













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