CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is an award winning, Microsoft certified email signature and email flow manager for Exchange. Trusted by thousands companies all over the world, this easy-to-use Exchange toolbox will help you create complex rules to centrally manage email flow and to unify the look of your corporate correspondence - all without touching end users computers and mobile devices.

·         Design a unified email signature and disclaimer for the entire company in less than 5 minutes

·         Automatically add personalized signatures including users' photos and AD data

·         Add marketing banners and other images inline (not as attachments) to any email

·         Choose where to insert a signature/banner - right under the latest email, at the very top or bottom of a conversation or as side banners

·         Add, compress, strip or dump email attachments

·         DLP - scan emails for sensitive content and forward incident reports to managers

·         Set up autoresponders for groups or single users, and send them as replies to original emails

·         Access email rules and settings from any device, even outside of the domain

·         Use in organizations of any scale - multi-server and multitenant environments supported

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How it works

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO lets you manage the email flow on Exchange Server according to rules. It covers a wide range of aspects, including: email content control, attachment filtering, message rerouting, email signatures and disclaimers and a whole lot more. The number of combinations of conditions and actions is almost countless.

Owing to the graphical user’s interface creating email rules in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO is a breeze. You don’t have to write any scripts in PowerShell while setting up the application. Thanks to the logical structure of the rules creation wizard, the admin can create advanced email rules with minimum effort and just with a few clicks.

After saving the rule, it will be triggered automatically anytime the specified conditions are fulfilled, e.g. when the sender matches a defined condition, the email contains a certain phrase or attachment, etc. The possibilities are endless!

What’s more, all changes applied in the program’s Administration panel will automatically propagate to all CodeTwo Exchange Rule PRO instances installed in your Exchange organization. There’s no need to manually import/export settings to all mail servers.

One of the most popular features used in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO is central management of users’ email signatures and disclaimers. The program contains a number of facilities that let you create full-blown signature templates containing users’ individual details, images and marketing content. A good example of such a feature is the graphical message composition editor.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO also comes with a bunch of additional useful administrative tools, e.g. the Rules Tester, Server Monitor and a rich library of signature templates. All these features are there to make your work as a server administrator easier and faster than ever before.



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