PROMT Translation Server 18 DE

PROMT Translation Server 12

Developer Edition


The solution allows for the integration of translation functions into software products and web-sites. It based on an innovative architecture with unprecedented capabilities of both horizontal and vertical scaling, equipped with the relevant API for integration into any software product or system.



Integration benefits for companies and business users


For Document Flow

Data Privacy: important information will not be disclosed during the translation process

Document Translation: cheap, fast and in real time

Productivity Increase: company specialists do not waste their time on translation; professional translators deal with only the most important documents.


For Localization

Faster Access to National Markets: companies can identify new partners, customers, and markets and realize greater business mobility as well as many other competitive advantages

Quicker and Cheaper than Manual Translation Used Alone: companies can save up to 20-35% when dealing with documents.

Intelligent Integration: ready-made connectors and tailored customization


For Websites

Free Communication for Website Visitors from Different Countries: Users from different countries can post comments in their native language and understand each other!

News Translation: real-time translation of news will turn users from different countries into regular readers.

Online-Shopping: online shoppers will see descriptions of the goods, as well as payment and delivery information in their native language right after publication.


Key features

Product Components and Features

  • PROMT Translation Server 12 Developer Edition
  • Open and easy-to-use API (REST, SOAP and HTTPS protocols)
  • SDK pack with API description and examples of integration in various programming languages (C ++, C #, VB, Java, PHP)
  • Two-level scalable failure-safe architecture that allows easy system capacity optimization by adding translation servers on-the-fly.
  • User administration and flexible access group management policy.
  • User data backup
  • Translation statistics by separate users

API Capabilities

Basic Features

  • Translation of plain text string
  • File translation (different formats supported)
  • Website translation
  • Dictionary lookup (obtaining multiple translations of given word from different dictionaries)

Expanded opportunities

  • Synchronous/asynchronous translation
  • Uploading additional linguistic data
  • Source language auto-detection
  • Text pronunciation

Additional opportunities

Development of additional modules for text processing (upper- and lowercase normalization, removing whitespaces, handling of specific constructions)

  • Linguistic customization (dictionaries, Translation Memory bases, profiles, language models)
  • Engineering customization (developing additional modules and API methods on demand)
  • In-house/Cloud deployment
  • Ready module connectors for GMS systems (SDL Worldserver, SDL TMS, GlobalSight) and Translation Memory systems (Trados, Déjà Vu)


What’s new

  • Improved translation quality through new intellectual algorithms, upgraded content of dictionaries and language models
  • New component SmartTechnology to identify automatically the main parameters of documents:
    - original language,
    - format (DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), PDF, XML, HTML, JPEG, BMP),
    - type (contract, letter, work manual, report, etc),
    - subject matter (finance, law, IR, medicine, etc).


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